CBA CBA Unit 124 Boardmember Resources ACBL

Version: 13 March 2021

These references help the join up of new Board Members to the Unit 124 Cincinnati Bridge Association Board of Directors and guide the operation of the Board itself. 

The CBA Unit 124 Board of Directors governance is based on our constitution, policies, and procedures, Ohio Law, and ACBL Regulations in their entirety. Our organization structure facilitates our work. The Board binds Committees to defined roles and decision limits (charters), and Sub Committees to task and time limits. Our Board deliberates formally (Roberts Rules of Order) and owns all decisions as outlined in our constitution and policies. The ACBL gives guidance to Unit Boards to maximize our effectiveness.

 Here are some references you’ll find useful:

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Unit 124 / CBA Constitution Our foundation as a Unit
Unit 124 / CBA Policies What we've added as the Board of Directors
Unit 124 / CBA Board Members & Meeting Schedule Who we are and when we meet. Updates yearly (edit the year for past pages)
Unit 124 / CBA Board Meeting Minutes Records of CBA Unit 124 Board of Directors deliberations
Unit 124 / CBA Committees Key Leaders & Activities
Unit 124 / CBA Google Drive Files (no link provided) (Secure site - Boardmembers Only)
Relationship among ACBL, Districts, Units, & Clubs Potter Orr's Summary


ACBL Unit Board Resources Page Tools for Unit Boards
ACBL example Board Member Agreement Formal Mutual Commitment
ACBL example Policies & Procedures Manual (Unit 174) ACBL Standard of Excellence
ACBL Unit President's Manual  
ACBL Club Manager's Handbook For reference - Club Managers are independent of the Unit
ACBL Special Events ACBL Yearly planner and registration tools


ACBL Codification (Replaces Handbook of Rules & Regulations) Governing Rules
ACBL Handbook Chapter 3 - Unit Regulations  
ACBL Handbook Chapter 4 - Club Games
ACBL Handbook Chapter 5 - Special Unit Games  
ACBL Handbook Chapter 6 - Tournaments  
ACBL Unit Agreement Defines relationship between Unit and the ACBL
ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations Behaviors, Complaints, Punishments
Handling a Complaint  
ACBL Helpful Documents Broad Range of Help for Everyone!


D11 Bylaws  
NFP Board Responsibilities NFP = Not For Profit
Legal Duties of NFP Boards
D11 Board Meeting Guidelines