2017 Unit 124 Celebration Night
May 2, 2017
2016 Unit 124 Player of the Year Awards
Jane Ward Novice Award - Kevin Henry
Elaine Bohnson Rookie Award - Kevin Henry
Future Master Award - Isaac Stephani
Master of the Year Award - Norm Coombs

2016 New Life Masters
Stacy Vanstone, Charlene Comeaux, Sylvia Maltz, Patrick Lammers, Betty Wills, Norah Clark,
Howard Simon, Pam Campbell,
Robert Sefton Smith, John Taylor, William Cook,
Daniel Koppenhafer, Harriet Edwards

Unit 124 2016 New Life Masters

Unit 124 2016 Ace of Clubs Award Winners

Unit 124 2016 Mini McKenney Award Winners
New Life Master Pam Campbell                         New Life Master Bill Cook                                  New Life Master Harriet Edwards                      New Life Master Dan Koppenhafer                    New Life Master Stacey Vanstone

The Betty Wills Story!
Congratulations Betty - You are one of Unit 124's Newest Life Masters
at 97 Years Young! Happy 98th Birthday Next Week!