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Oct Nov 2020 Promotion
Head of the Class - Open Games
Home Rub Derby - Limited Games
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These promotions are supported by the online games run under the following sanctions: Cincinnati, CBA, and NKBC/Anderson. 

There are many good reasons to HomeRunDerbyplay in Unit 124 Virtual Club Games:Head of the Class
●  Socialize with friends
●  Compete locally
●  Win 150% ACBL masterpoints
●  Support your club
Here's a new benefit! For the months of September and October, participating Unit 124 OPEN Virtual Club games offer BBO$ awards. Open Games are in the Head of the Class competition, and Limited Games are in the Home Run Derby competition. 
●  There is no additional cost to participate.
●  Play in a Unit 124 OPEN or LIMITED Virtual Club game (NKy/Anderson, Cincinnati, CBA)
●  Play often, win more credits

At least 90 BB$ will be awarded each month. The total award amount could be higher if there are ties. See the NKBC Website for details and Conditions of Contest and standings. Specially designated ACBL games (such as Silver Linings, Club Championships, etc.) are excluded from this competition. Decisions of the participating club managers are final.