CBA Cincinnati Bridge Association
2021 Holiday Party

ResultsPam AJThe 2021 Holiday Party was the gathering of the year! 130 Members gathered for food, wine, holiday treats and bridge.  We had three sections (U1250, U100 and Open) and a wonderful time thanks to volunteers and friends of bridge.

Pam Campbell not only directed the games (with help from several directors also playing in the room), but got the entire party organized. Robert Lail organized a group of avid members and arranged for phone calls to potential attendees.  Well done to Robert and his "Team Bridge".  Jim Barrett helped with partnerships.  Joy Singerman worked with Pam on the decorations and logistics.  Michelle Barker arranged lunch boxes for attendees wanting lunch, so that everyone had individual food.  Robert S Brown volunteered some to the best wines in the city and Joanne Behr made dozens of her incomparable cookies for us all.  AJ Stephani, John Meinking and many others helped out with game operations.  We used web movements to enable all players to play all boards. (A sitout was unavoidable in the Open section). 

Potter Orr welcomed everyone before the game began and noted that this was
cookiesone of the largest games at the Cincinnati Birdge Center since the shutdown in March 2020. Pam introduced game directors from around the Unit who came to the party.

This was the largest Holiday Party Game since we can remember. For the past 8 years our party had ranged between 17-22 tables.  32 tables is a great new high water
mark, and proof that people want the fun the in-person bridge can bring.  We invite everyone back to any of the many games available at the CIncinnati Bridge Center.  Happy Holidays, everyone.  We hope the new year Lunchbrings peace, joy, and many memories for all our friends and families.

Reeta and AJ
Congratulations to the game winners:

Open: Reeta Brendamour and AJ Stephani

U1250: Marilyn and Robert Prosise

U100: Judy Champion and Janey Kattleman


Full Room
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Final Round