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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be a mentor?
Any Life Master
Non-Life Masters who feel that they are willing and able to help newer players
Who should ask for a mentor?
Any non-Life Master with less than 300 points who has an interest in advancing their skill.
Can I be both a mentor and a mentee?
Yes.  All non-Life Masters who are willing and able are encouraged to become both a mentor and a mentored Future Master.  Some newer players aren’t ready to take advantage of the advice provided by some of the veterans at the center.  They also might be intimidated at the idea of sitting down at the table with someone with 2000+ Masterpoints.  These players would benefit greatly from having an experienced non-Life Master help them improve their game.
Can I choose my own mentor/Future Master?
Many of you have already spoken to someone about forming a mentor partnership.  If you have already come to an agreement with someone, then you need to make sure you enter each other’s names on the Mentor Pair Application.  If you do, then we will definitely put the two of you together.  It would be best if you choose someone you do not play with on a regular basis to be your Mentor/Future Master, although this is not a requirement.  Please do not choose someone who has been your Mentor/Future Master in the past.
How will mentors and Future Masters be paired for those of us who haven’t already reached an agreement?
Partnerships will be made based on Masterpoint and experience levels.  The committee will look at the information provided on the applications and attempt to make the best pairings possible.  For example, the newest players who do not play modern conventions might be paired with non-Life Masters for the most part.  An experienced non-Life Master with 200 or more Masterpoints might be paired with a mentor with thousands of points since they are more able to take advantage of the mentor’s Bridge knowledge.
Must Future Masters be ACBL members?
Yes.  If someone seeking a mentor is not a current member s/he will be asked to send in their dues to get their membership up to date before being allowed to participate in the mentor pair program.
When do the mentor pairs play together?
Pairs are asked to play together a minimum of four (4) times between the kickoff event in May and the final event in September.  Dates designated for Mentor Pair discounts will be provided when available.

How much will it cost to play?
In the specially designated mentor pair games at the CBA, mentor pairs play for half price.  Mentor pairs can also purchase $10 coupons to play in any CBC game between May 29, 2019 and September 30, 2019.  Coupons can be purchased from John Williams, Pam Campbell, or Mike Lipp.

How will the specially designated mentor pair games be stratified?
The special games will be stratified the same way that most open games at the club are stratified with the following adjustment.  Mentor/mentee pairs will play one level lower than the stratification that would be assigned if they were not a mentor pair.  For example, if the mentor has over 2000 Masterpoints, the pair would normally play in the ‘A’ strata.  Because they are playing as a mentor/mentee pair, they will be placed in the ‘B’ strata.  If the mentor has less than 2000 Masterpoints, the pair will be placed in the ‘C’ strata.

Responsibilities of the Advancing Player:
Contact your mentor to arrange dates for playing Bridge.  Do this as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the last minute.

Tell your mentor what you would like to work on to improve your play.  Ask your mentor for input/suggestions.  Be willing to negotiate/compromise.
Be kind and patient with your new partner.   Mentees are newer, and looking to you for guidance.
The “extent” of your mentoring is up to you.  Be willing to share what you know and direct your Future Master to any other resources s/he might find helpful.  CBA has a great library available, and there's lots of great information on our website!