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11 JUL 2019
  Join us at the Cincinnati Bridge Center at
2860 Cooper Road, Cincinnati Ohio 45241
The wheel-chair accessible entrance is at the front of the building.  The Main entrance is under the canopy at the back of the building. Parking is at the back of the building.  Additional parking is available in the north section of the Active Day parking lot.  the south section of that lot (closest to our site) is NOT available to us.  You can also park in back of the Penn Station Restaurant.  DO NOT park in the Complete Care Providers back lot immediately to the North of our parking lot.
Parking Map

email:      phone: (513)-563-2218 (Just before, during and just after games only).

Weekly Duplicate Game Schedule                Weekly Educational Game Schedule 

Stratified duplicate bridge games are available 6 days a week. ACBL-certified directors operate all games. All duplicate pair games offer pre-dealt hands, computerized scoring, hand records, and on-line results.
Our Bridge Center offers many amenities to newcomers and experienced players alike. 
-- over 5400 square feet of temperature controlled playing space,
-- a player lounge,
-- a range of chairs for your comfort,
-- ample lighting and carpets,
-- a bridge library,
-- a kitchenette,
-- free hot beverages, and
-- ample snacks during games and events for your enjoyment.   
When the game is over you can discuss hands and get your results online. 
  Need a Partner?
Contact Joanne Earls for Long Term Partnerships  513-772-4395, 513-478-2033.
Contact the game director for availability for a single game.
Contact AJ Stephani to participate in a partnership service for single games using text messages.   
NTB Try ThisIf you are new to bridge we have many ways for you to learn.   See the introduction page at this button!

Bridge teachers often teach classes at the CBC in our 24 person classroom.  There are a range of classes offered for beginners and advancing players.   10 week beginner classes are offered three (3) times per year. 

Bridge Class Schedule     Education Game Schedule      Bridge Teachers

Education Committee Contact email:   Phone:  513-580-4229