Annease & Marvin Comer
Announced their Retirement from Directing CBC Games effective May 31, 2014.

Marvin & Annease started with this wonderful game we love so well in different  cities:  Annease in Dayton, Ohio. Marvin in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1972 they put their playing skills together and were quite a couple to be reckoned with at the bridge table! They remain among the top 100 players in the American Bridge Association (ABA).

Because of their love for the game Annease and Marvin gave back in many areas of bridge.

Some ACBL players - Judy Cohn, JanWeyant and Brenda Mehalko  - discovered them  directing at a downtown Cincinnati Hotel and recommended them  to  ACBL Headquarters to direct ACBL tournaments. They traveled to an Atlanta NABC, took the Director’s course, became certified and began the directing journey in the ACBL.   They were among the five black directors in ACBL’s total directing staff of about 200. For many years they directed the famous Gatlinburg tournament as well as other assignments. Among their treasured  memory:   Annease  directing at  the last NABC in Cincinnati and Marvin serving as hospitality chairperson working with the Tournament  Chairperson,  Patty Eber.

Marvin  served on the Board of Directors of the United States Bridge Federation (USBF).  He was also connected with “Easy Bridge” in its early days.  Sunday afternoons would often find him at the CBC with large numbers tables of new bridge players  trying to ”digest bridge”

Annease & Marvin have  been directing the CBC Tuesday AM, Thursday PM and 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday PM games for about seven years. They always looked  forward to directing the games and treasure the experiences  and friendships which have  become part of their lives.  These experiences are treasured memories.  Friends are friends forever.   

Annease became National ABA/ACBL Laision working to combine activities locally and throughout the country. For many years she authored the ABA/ACBL report  to the District 11 Regional meetings. CBA  hosted  one ACBL/ABA game here at the CBC. Eventually a combined ACBL/ABA Nationwide Game  grew to be played throughout ACBL and ABA.

On the National level they have both been recognized by the ACBL Goodwill Committee and presented with awards. Locally the CBA recognized them for their contributions to newer players and bridge in general  and received the Manny Isralski Award (in the CBC’s Wall of Fame).

Annease & Marvin have held ABA leadership positions continuously since 1960. They  have directed locally 2 to 3 times weekly as well as directing at ABA tournaments - Nationals, Regionals and Sectionals around the country. Between them they have held  almost all offices (nationally, sectionally and locally) from president , treasurer, secretary, parliamentarian ,and more during their years of service.  At different times both have developed ABA Directors.  Keeping ABA bridge alive locally has been and still is part of their lives. They have also been very instrumental in maintaining an ABA bridge home in Madisonville.   

Whatever it takes  to get the job done has been their way of life.

While Annease and Marvin have chosen to retire from active directing at CBC games, they will remain active in the ABA and ACBL.   We hope to see them playing with us more often now.  Above all, we congratulate them for their lifelong contributions to Bridge, thank them whole-heartedly for their service and leadership with the ABA, ACBL, and CBA Unit 124, and wish them well in all their future endeavors.