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Updated: 04  JAN  2020

Weclome to the Cincinnati Bridge Association Newcomer's Page! 
We hope you find lots of great information about bridge and how to enjoy this game at your pace.  We recognize that different people have fun at bridge in many different ways.  We want you to be able to get the most fun possible out of this great game of ours.  We welcome back all of you who played bridge some time ago and want to re-engage the fun you remember.  We also welcome all who are new to bridge and just starting out in the game.  We have something for everybody.  

Please be sure to check out the current schedule of bridge classes and current events in the Cincinnati area.  Don't miss COME AND PLAY BRIDGE and Supervised Play offered at the Cincinnati Bridge Center, and Non-Life Master Duplicate Games offered throughout the metropolitan area. 

There are many bridge games around town.  You can play at different venues. 
The Cincinnati Bridge Center is at 2860 Cooper Road, Cincinnati OH 45241, and is near I-75 in Evendale. 
The Northern Kentucky Bridge Club meets every day of the week. Check the NKy Website for details. 
The Anderson Bridge Club meets on Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings in the Mt. Moriah Church, 681 Mt. Moriah Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45245.

The following are offered at the Cincinati Bridge Center for Newcomers:

Tuesday 3:00 - 5 PM
Thursday 3:00 - 5 PM

Call ahead to assure attendance  or 513-580-4229 
Are you looking to try your hand at some informal and fun rubber bridge?  Drop by the Cincinnati Bridge Center on Saturday mornings.  Come alone or with friends. 

Taking introductory lessons and want to play some bridge?  This session is perfect for you.  Looking to hone your bridge skills a bit before starting duplicate bridge at the club?  Join us for COME AND PLAY - pure bridge fun. 

- our version of informal, fun, rubber bridge.  This is a great way for people just learning about bridge to play without the competition of Duplicate Bridge.  You will find fun playing with many different people.  This is a great event to bring friends for a fun morning! 

$3 per person, 1 Instructor per group (typically 3-5 tables), Come and Play is designed primarily for the player coming out of classes who wants to play right now. 
COME AND PLAY provides a fun venue for newcomers to play games, and find a gateway to classes, duplicate bridge and further bridge learning.  Sign Up NOW so we can make everyone comfortable!

Cost:  $3 per person ($1 Youth).  You do not need to be an ACBL member.  or 513-580-4229 
Saturday Supervised Play - 9:30 AM to 12 NOON
(Includes 20 min lecture/lesson before play) 

Are you looking to learn about Duplicate Bridge or practice what you've learned in recent duplicate bridge lessons?  The CBA offers Saturday Supervised Play for bridge players starting or wanting to start playing duplicate bridge! Focus will be on new conventions, better bidding, and play techniques. 

Supervised Play is for those familiar with bridge but still basically beginners at duplicate bridge. In Supervised Play, experienced bridge players coach you on bidding, play and defense during each hand.  Supervised Play provides you with an opportunity to meet new partners, and there is a half hour lesson before play begins.

Supervised play is not a sanctioned game - no master points awarded.   One weekend every month the Saturday Supervised Play Duplicate is a sanctioned game for masterpoints ($5 per person).  Be sure to try this - a great way to learn about playing duplicate bridge!  Come join us for a fun Saturday morning!  Bring a friend!

Show up a few minutes early to sign in.  We will match players of similar experience at the table.  A 20-minute lecture starts at 9:30 AM (various bridge topics).

Cost:  $5 per person ($1 Youth).

Contact Mike Purcell ( ) if you have any questions about  Saturday Supervised play.
Free Bridge Software (Not for Apple Computers): Bridge Basics                                         Beyond the Basics
Interested in Duplicate Bridge?  Here are all the offerings in the Cincinnati Area for Non-Life Masters:
Mon CBC Queen City Bridge  U2500 MPs 7 PM  Contact Isaac Stephani for partners 513-648-9553  
Tue CBC  COME AND PLAY - Rubber Bridge Fun! 3:00 - 5:00 PM  or 513-580-4229   
  CBC U750 MPs Pairs - 7 PM Contact Isaac Stephani for partners 513-648-9553  
Wed CBC U750 MPs Pairs - 11 AM  - Contact Isaac Stephani for partners 513-648-9553    
  CBC Ani's Wednesday Evening Game U2500 MPs 7 PM Ani Pandit 513-336-6411  
Thu CBC  COME AND PLAY - Rubber Bridge Fun! 3:00 - 5:00 PM  or 513-580-4229   
  CBC "Eight is Enough Swiss Teams" 6:30 PM 
(1st 3rd 5th Only)
Learn team bridge in a friendly environment with balanced teams.  Team points must be less than 8.
(NLM 1 point. LM-1500 2 points > 1500 3 points). Contact John Meinking for a partner or a team. 513-379-2882
Fri CBC  U500 MPs 11 AM (Lecture 10:30) Call for partner NLM : Deb Wiest 513-563-221
  NKY  [1st Fri - 99er 10:00 AM ]    
Sat   CBC Supervised Play (<100 MP) 9:30 A - 12 Noon Supervised Play Duplicate Games - once each month. Check the calendar on the website for dates.  
CBC is the Cincinnati Bridge Club.  NKY BC is the Northern Kentucky Bridge Club. 

Check the CBA home page for the director's contact information. Call ahead for all U750/500 and 0-20 MP Games.  If there are not at least 2.5 tables, there will be no limited section.
Newcomers Reference Material

Play of the Hand
The Finesse
Suit Contracts - Counting Losers
Suit Contracts - Ruffing in the Short Hand, Dummy Reversal
Suit Contracts - Developing Side Suits
Suit Contracts - Cross Ruffing
NT Contract Play – Counting Winners
NT Contract Play – Developing our Suits Before Opponents Establish Theirs
NT Contract Play - When to take Stoppers
Introduction to Duplicate

Opening Leads Part 1
Opening Leads Part 2
Opening Leads Part 3
First Discards and Signals
Second Hand Low
Third Hand High
Covering an Honor with an Honor

Bidding to the Right Level (Part Score, Game, Slam)
2C Opening Bid and Responses
Opening Bidding - Initial Hand Assessment [Worksheet]
Rebids by Opener - II
Invitational Bids by Opener - Minors
Responder Bidding - Initial Hand Assessment
Invitational Bidding by Responder
Preemptive Openings and Overcalls
Responding to Preemptive Openings
The Stayman Convention
Jacoby Transfers
Slam Conventions - Blackwood and Roman Key Card

Overcalls and Interference

Overcalls - 1 Level

Overcalls - 2 Level
Overcalls - Advancer Responses (simple raises, cue bids)
Overcalls 1N, 2N over a Weak 2
Overcalls - Big Hands
Michaels Cue Bids
Takeout Doubles