Grand Life Master Celebration
    November 24, 2013

6 of the 8 Grand Life Masters in District 11
4 from out Unit 124

From Left: Matt Granovetter, Dennis Hesthaven, Tom Hodapp (seated), Mark Low, Norm Coombs and Pam Granovetter
Pam and Matt
Poem composed by Matthew Granovetter for the occasion

In all my days of bridge bumming
I never did as much bridge humming
as when I was sitting waiting for someone to do something
at the Cincy bridge club, including myself!
I was waiting for a card to be played
Or maybe a bid to be made
Or maybe the round to be called 
Or lunch time - my favorite of all
I grew up in New Jersey
and played at Essex Green
But the Cincy Bridge Club
is a far more glamorous scene
The people behind the cards
are the best I’ve ever seen
and that includes the players
who finesse my jacks and queens
You are graceful and handsome
and glitter like jewels and pearls
but best of all you are
 the wisest and nicest people in the world.
Even when I’m speechless
from a bid that Gail has made
Or trying to concentrate
or explaining why I played - the 2 and not the 3 - because I preferred clubs to spades!
I still look around the room and bless my lucky stars that I am here at the Cincy club with the Adrianne, AJ and Orrs. 
Well I‘ve journeyed to China and to Italy and to Greece
But nowhere found finer than Lorna, Lalitha, Marvin and Annease.
And of course dear Dot — a memory bot still a beautiful one, a beautiful one.