Cincy Youth Bridge

Need a Partner???  It's easy as 1-2-3!

1) For finding a longer term partnership, call or e-mail the Partnership Chairs to discuss what you are looking for.  Our partnership chairs will work to find one or more candidates for you that match your ability level, your desired time to play, and your preferred approach to the game. They will get back to you once they have candidates for you to talk to.  This is NOT how to find a partner for one or two games. If you call our partnership chairs for a short term need, they will refer you to our directors.  You must provide your phone number, e-mail address and experience level or the partnership chairs cannot help you.

2) For finding a partner for a specific game (and for out-of-town visitors) contact the director of the game you want to play at with 2-days advanced notice.  Ask the director for help arranging a player to match your skill and interest. The directors are listed in the game schedule on this website and on the ACBL Club Game website.

3) Come to the CBA Tuesday Evening (Open) Game or the Saturday Afternoon Newcomer Game (<40 MP) and play with the standby player.

CBA MEMBERS ONLY - you can access the on-line member directory.  Check the Membership Master Point list for someone at your skill level and give them a call!

CBA Partnership Chair:  
  Joanne Earls
  (513) 772-4395

CBA Game Standby policy - if there is 1 player needing a partner , the standby player plays with that player for that game.  If 2 people need partners, then they play together and the standby does not play.  This policy is firm - no exceptions.  If multiple players are looking for partners we will do the best we can to match skill and interests.  This policy applies to our Tuesday Evening Open Game and our Saturday Afternoon Newcomers Game only.