Need a Partner???  It's easy as 1-2-3!

1) To find a partner, call or e-mail the game director where you want to play.  Directors will work to find one or more candidates for you that match your ability level, your desired time to play, and your preferred approach to the game. Please allow at least two days advance notice.  They will get back to you once they have a candidate for you to talk to.  See the list of clubs below. 

2) Use available tools on this website.  You have access to the masterpoint list for the entire unit.  Why not search the list for names of people in your masterpoint peer group, then use the Member Directory to contact them.  A friendly phone call and a discussion about availability and system preferences will help identify if you have found a match. 

CBA MEMBERS ONLY - you can access the on-line member directory.  Check the Membership Master Point list for someone at your skill level and give them a call!

Contact game directors for a partner at the following locations:

Cincinnati Bridge Center
Norther Kentucky Bridge Club
Anderson Bridge Club