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2013 Cincinnati Youth Bridge Championships

NEW Saturday Supervised Play –  Game time 10 AM.  A GREAT PLACE for our newer players to play with a relaxed atmosphere and more time per hand. There's a volunteer on hand to help during play.  We provide a partner if you need and a New players table as attendance allows.  If you have questions, please contact Mike Purcell at or 513 702 4007.

Check out this website
...we have youth games, a high school progam and more!!!
Getting Started at your High School
How can you start a bridge club at your school?  It' simple. We can help any group of 8 or more students learn to play and have fun once a week. Here is our open letter to parents,  school teachers, school boards and administrators.  Contact Mr. Mike Purcell or 513 702 4007 for more information.
High School Bridge Players - Play Duplicate Bridge @ CBA  for $2 (a $5 savings):   
Monday Evening <2000 Game 7PM @CBA
Tuesday Evening 149'er Game 7PM @CBA
Saturday Supervised Game 10-Noon @CBA

 HS Bridge Club Members -  Join the ACBL for FREE!!!  Cincinnati area HS Club members get a free membership to the ACBL. Get your player number and read the Bridge Bulletin on line! Contact your club for details.
CBA Support for High School Clubs
The Cincinnati Bridge Association Education Committee offers materials and support to complement what the ACBL Youth Program provides.

Cincinnati High School Bridge League
High Schools clubs participate in a Spring Tournament for the Cincinnati High School Bridge Championship. Stay tuned for details. 
Youth Bridge Initiative
The American Contract Bridge League boasts over 160,000 members and has begun a highly successfull program to attract more Junior High and High School students to learn the game. Learn more about this initiative...
CBA High School Bridge Club Contacts
The Cincinnati Bridge Association Education Committee coordinates volunteers from among our members throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area to bring support and resources to High School Clubs. We are looking to start more high school clubs where there's interest.....Why? Check out some of the benefits for learning how to play bridge.

About Bridge in Cincinnati
The Greater Cincinnati Area has more than 1100 registered duplicate bridge players.  One world champion and 4 grand life masters call the CBA home!  Would you be surprised to know that Cincinnati hosted two ACBL National Tournaments here in the past 20 years?  

We host an annual regional tournament in May (the Flying Pig Regional) a sectional tournament at the end of October (along with District 11's North American Pair Championship Qualifiers) and many sepcial events during the year (charity games, club championships, Instant Matchpoint Game, and  Sectional Tournaments at Clubs).  We have several locations where you can play duplicate bridge.  There's a duplicate game in the area every day of the week.  
Youth Bridge around the USA
Learn more about the ACBL Youth Bridge program
across the country?  Check out: California, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Quebec, Atlanta, Omaha, Kansas City, Reno and San Francisco.  
Results from the 2010 National Youth Bridge Championships in Atlanta, GA. Teams qualifying for the 2010 World Championships in Philadelphia.  
Benefits of Playing Bridge
Most people play bridge for fun.  Don't just take our word for it. Here is a small sampling of the benefits from many sources...oh, yes, there are scholarships and ambassador programs too...

Bridge on TV and in the Movies...

Ever wonder why there is a daily bridge column in the newspaper? Interested in what others have had to say about why Bridge is their favorite game? Check out these videos (YouTube anyone?). 
College: ACBL Junior Bridge
Competition for National Championships and World Titles are just around the corner for the motivated and successful college player...

Young Stars
The ACBL recognizes the
King and Queen of Bridge every year.  Read about some of the past winners of this honor.  
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