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We hope you enjoy the opportunity learn bridge at your own pace at a level comfortable for you.  We have chosen topics from many authors to create this CBA Learning Bridge series. We thank Karen Walker,  Richard Pavlicek, Phillip Alder, and Bridge Hands for the wealth of information published on their websites.  If you find better information on a topic of interest please bring it to the attention of the content owner from the CBA Education Committee (see below).  Click on the buttons for the series of interest to you.  Tell a friend or 3 (bridge goes better in 4's!) Better yet bring a whole mob to join you as you learn more about the game, our players, and what you can do to have more fun and success at duplicate bridge.

If you are new to the game, start with the 0-30 Newcomers Series. Each successive series offers more depth and challenge, and of course more benefit.  We look forward to your feedback.

The CBA Education Committee

Learning to Learn Bridge
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Learning Points
Common Conventions
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0-30 Newcomers Series  (Content Owner: Mike Purcell

Duplicate Bridge
Basics for Opening the Bidding
Opening 1-Bids
Responders First Bids
Which Suit to Respond?  Showing Your Pattern and Strength
Responding When Opponents Interfere over 1 of a suit
Opener’s First Rebid            [Handout]
1 NT - Invitational Stayman
1NT - Responder's Rebids
1 NT - Jacoby Transfers
1 NT - When Opponents Interfere
2C Strong Artificial and Forcing (Cheapest Minor 2nd Negative)
Weak 2 Bids (Feature)
Slam Bidding (Gerber & Blackwood)
Preempts and Jump Overcalls            [Handout]
What to lead agains NT and Suits
Takeout Doubles
Overcalls and Takeout Doubles Quiz
Overcalls and Takeout Doubles – Responding to Partner Quiz
Negative Doubles
When Opponents Interfere
The Finesse
Declarer Play
Master Points
Active Ethics
Don’t be Afraid to Call the Director

99er Series (Content Owner: Steve Moese
1 NT -  Stayman
1 NT – Jacoby Transfers
1 NT – 4-Bids - Gerber
1 NT – 4-Bids - Texas Transfers
1 NT – 4-Bids - 4NT Quantitative Raise
1 NT - When Opponents Interfere
5-Card Majors - Invitational & Forcing Raises
5-Card Majors - Jacoby 2NT
5-Card Majors - Splinter Bids
Minors - Invitational & Forcing Raises
Minors - Inverted Minors  [Handout]
When Opener Reverses
New Minor Forcing
4th Suit Forcing
Strong  Jump Shifts
Bidding When Opponents Interfere - Responder
Slam Bidding and Ace Asking  [Handout]
2C Strong Artificial and Forcing  Part I Is This a 2C Bid  [Handout]
2C Strong Artificial and Forcing  Part II Problem Hands  [Handout]
2C Strong Artificial and Forcing  Part III Responding to 2C [Handout]
C Strong Artificial and Forcing  Part IV Openers Rebids  [Handout]
Weak 2 Bids (Ogust)
Responding to Partner’s Preempts
Takeout Doubles
Negative Doubles
Balancing – 1 Level
Balancing – 2 and 3 Level
Weak Jump Overcalls
Direct Cuebids and Unusual NT
NT Overcalls
Slam Bidding
Bidding over their 1NT
Bidding over their 1NT - DONT
Bidding over their 1NT – Modified Capelletti
Defensive Carding
Opening Lead – NT   [Handout]
Opening Lead – Suits   [Handout]
Basic Attitude Signal [Handout]
Basic Count Signal [Handout]
Basic Suit Preference Signals  [Handout]
Counting HCP
Counting Shape
Counting – the Rule of 11
Basic Bridge Odds –  Finesses and Suit Breaks  [Handout]
Bridge Odds –  Many Chances, Information, Restricted Choice   [Handout]
Create a Plan (NT and Suit Contracts)
Defensive Bidding Judgment
5-Card Majors - Invitational & Forcing Raises (Bergen)
Defensive Bidding Judgment   [Handout]
Competing - How High?  [Handout]
Teams Strategy
Matchpoint Pairs Strategy

NLM Series (Content Owner: Steve Moese
1 NT –  Stayman on Steroids
1 NT – 4-suit Transfers    [Handout]
1 NT – 3-bids (Advanced Approaches)
1 NT – 4-Bids (Gerber, Texas Transfers, Quantitative Raise)
1 NT – When Opponents Interfere
5-Card Majors - Invitational & Forcing Raises (Bergen)
Minors - Invitational & Forcing Raises (Inverted Minors)  [Handout]
Minors - Jump Shifts (Weak)
Minors - When Opponents Interfere – Support Doubles
2/1 Game Force - The Basics    [Handout]
New Minor Forcing – 1-way or 2-way
4th Suit Forcing
2C Strong Artificial and Forcing - Kokish Transfers
Weak 2 Bids (Variants: 5 Card Suit, 9-12 HCP Constructive)  [Handout]
NT Overcalls - Advanced
Basic Bridge Odds – Hand Patterns & Suit splits    [Handout]
The Forcing Pass

Transfer Lebensohl

Josh Donn Roger Lee Card

Weak Two Archive