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Updated 22 MAY 2022

We thank the contributors who provided the pictures of our members at the various celebrations and major tournaments throughout the year.  Check THE ALERT for more pictures and memories!
Check the Cincinnati Flying Pig Regional Tournament Page for additional event photos. See also CBA Member Profiles for additional pictures. 
Year Event
2022 Unit 124 Awards Lunch & Medallion Game 21 May 2022
2022 Anderson BC Reopens 5 May 2022
2021 Holiday Celebration
2019 Awards Night
2018 Awards Night
2017 Awards Night
2016 Celebrating Romeo Bodrogi-Podoaba
2016 Flying Pig Regional
2014 Dallas NABC
2014 Las Vegas NABC
2013 Cincinnati's Grand Life Masters Celebration
2013 Awards Night
2013 King of Bridge
2013 St Louis NABC
2012 Learn Bridge In a Day
2012 Awards Night
2011 Louisville NABC
2011 NKY 10th Anniversary
2011 Awards Night
2010 Awards Night
2006 Awards Night