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x CNL-1 Cohen,L Bidding Challenge 2002

x DES-1 Deserpa Logical Bidding 1996

x FLD-3 Feldheim Tactical Bidding 1992

x GLD-1 Goldman Aces Scientific Bidding 1978

x HRD-6 Hardy Standard Bidding for the 21st Century 2000

x HAY-1 Hayden Bid Better - Play Better 1966

x KAN-10 Kantar Expert's Guide to Improving Your Bridge Bidding Skills 1980

x KAN-2 Kantar Bridge Bidding Made Easy  

KAP-2 Kaplan Creative Bidding  

x KLG-4 Klinger Bidding to Win  

x MRS-1 Marston Language of Bidding 1987

x MIL-6 Miles Modern Constructive Bidding  2005

x MOL-13 Mollo Streamline Your Bidding with 1100 Quizzes 1979

x MOL-5 Mollo Bridge Modern Bidding 1961

x MOR-1 Morehead Morehead on Bidding 1964

x POT-2 Pottage Clues from the Bidding 1990

x REE-23 Reese What Would You Bid? 1986

REE-3 Reese Bidding a Bridge Hand  

x REE-28A Reese/Bird Famous Bidding Decisions 1996

x ROO-1 Root Common Sense Bidding 1986

x RSA-2 Rosancrantz Bridge: The Bidders Game 1885

x RSA-6 Rosancrantz/Alder Bid to Win, Play for Pleasure 1990

x RSA-10A Rosancrantz/Truscott Modern Ideas in Bidding 1982

x RSA-9 Rosancrantz/Truscott Bidding on Target 1992

x RSA-1 Rosencrantz Bid Your Way to the Top 1978

x RTH-5 Roth Picture Bidding 1991

x SEN-1 Senior  Bread & Butter Bidding 1991

x SHN-8 Sheinwold Pocket Guide to Bids 1961

x STW-4 Stewart Bidders Bible  

x TRU-4 Truscott,A Bidding Dictionary 1996

x TRU-10 Truscott,A & D Teach Yourself Basic Bidding 1976

x TRU-11B Truscott,D Bid Better, Play Better 1966

x BGN-1A Bergen Better Bidding with Bergen - Vol 1 - Uncontested Auction 1985

x KLG-19 Klinger When to Bid When to Pass 2002

x LAW-10A Lawrence Major Suit Raises 1983

x POT-1 Pottage Art of Psychic Bidding (& It's Pitfalls) 2003

x SEN-5 Senior  Raising Partner 1994

x WEI-7A Wei/Andersen Perfect Your No Trump Bidding 1978

Dow-1 Downey Standard Bidding with SAYC  



x LAW-17 Lawrence Complete Book of Overcalls 1979

x LAW-1A Lawrence Contested Auctions 1992

x MIL-8A Miles Stronger Competitive Bidding 1992

x RBS-2 Robson/Segal Partnership Bidding at Bridge - the Contested Auction 1993

x SGM-6A Seagram-Smith 25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding 2000

x SOW-1 Sowter Step By Step Competetive Bidding 1996

x VND-1 Von Der Porten Introduction to Defensive Bidding 1967

x EWN-1A Ewen Defensive Bidding Quiz Book 1980

x KAP-1A Kaplan Competetive Bidding in Modern Bridge 1964

x BGN-2B Bergen Better Bidding with Bergen - Vol 2 - Competetive Auction 1986

x BGN-2C Bergen Better Bidding with Bergen - Vol 2 - Competetive Auction 1986

x KLG-19 Klinger/Kambites Understanding the Contested Auction 2001



x BLK-1 Blackwood Bidding Slams with Blackwood 1970

x BLK-2A Blackwood Blackwood on Slams 1970

x KAM-3 Kambites Slam Bidding for You 1992

x KAN-18A Kantar Roman Key Blackwood 1991

x KAR-7 Karpin How to Play Slam Contracts 1962

KLG-8 Klinger Cue Bidding to Slam 1996

x TRU-6 Truscott,A Grand Slams 1985

x SGM-4 Seagram/Lee Roman Keycard Blackwood ( Novice-Intermediate)  



JNN-1 Jannerstein Card Reading  

x KAR-1 Karpin Art of Card Reading 1973

x KEL-27 Kelsey Test Your Card Reading 1982

x LAW-7A Lawrence How to Read Your Opponents Cards 1973

BRD-22 Bird/Bourke TEST:Reading the Cards 2005



BGN-8 Bergen Everyone's Guide to the New Convention Card 1994

x GRV-2 Granovetter Bridge Conventions in Depth 2003

x GRV-4 Granovetter Conventions at a Glance  

x GNT-4 Grant Commonly Used Conventions (Novice-Intermediate) 2001

x GNT-6 Grant More Commonly Used Conventions (Intermediate) 2001

x KAN-3 Kantar Bridge Conventions 1972

KAN-4 Kantar Bridge Conventions Made Easy 1972

x KEA-2A Kearse Bridge Conventions Complete 1984

x NTH-1 North Conventional Bidding Explained  

x REE-5 Reese Bridge Conventions, Finnesses & Coups 1965

x ROO-4B Root Modern Bridge Conventions  

x SGM-2 Seagram/Bird 25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know (Nov-Int) 2003

x SGM-1 Seagram/Smith 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know (Nov-Int)  

x SEN-2 Senior  Bridge Conventions 1984



x AND-1 Andersen Lebensohl Convention 1987

x LAW-9B Lawrence Lebensohl  

x CAP-1 Cappelletti/Lewis Cappelletti Over No Trump  

FLN-1 Flannery 2 Diamond Opening 1984

HRD-3 Hardy Four Suit Forcing  

x HRD-4 Hardy New Minor Forcing After 1 No Trump Rebid 1984

x HRD-5 Hardy Splinters & Other Shortness Bids 1987

x HLM-1 Helms Helms to Hello  

x LAW-15A Lawrence Complete Book of Balancing 1983

x LAW-21 Lawrence Transfers  

x SGM-8 Seagram/Stark Four-Suit Transfers 2004

x SGM-9 Seagram/Stark Jacoby Transfers 2004

x LAW-2C Lawrence D.O.N.T. 1995

x SGM-10 Seagram/Lee Stayman Auctions 2004

x STM-1 Stayman Do You Play Stayman? 1969

x SGM-3 Seagram/Lee Jacoby 2NT ( Novice-Intermediate)  

x SGM-5 Seagram/Lee Splinter Bids ( Novice-Intermediate)  



x BRK-1 Brock Step By Step Planning Defence 1996

x FNT-3 Flint Instruction for the Defence 1980

x GNT-8a (v) Grant Bridge at Sea - Vol. 3 - Defense

x HFM-1 Hoffman Defence in Depth 1985

x KAN-13A Kantar Kantar for the Defense Vol 1 1983

x KAN-14A Kantar Kantar for the Defense Vol 2 1984

x KAN-15a Kantar New Approach to Play & Defense  Vol 1 1986

x KAN-16A Kantar New Approach to Play & Defense  Vol 2 1987

KAN-17 Kantar Play Defense  

x KAN-25 Kantar Modern Bridge Defense (Intermediate) 1999

x KAN-7 Kantar Defensive Bridge Play, Complete  

KAN-8 Kantar Defensive Tips  

x KAN-9A Kantar Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders 1994

x KAN-1 Kantar Advanced Bridge Defence 1999

KEL-13 Kelsey Killing Defense at Bridge 1966

x KEL-16A Kelsey More Killing Defense at Bridge 1972

x KEL-29 Kelsey Test Your Defensive Play 1985

x KEL-11 Kelsey Improve Your Partner's Defense 1988

x LAV-2 Lavinthal Defense Tricks 1963

LAW-4 Lawrence Dynamic Defense  

x MAH-3 Mahmamood Defense, for Beginners 1990

x MIL-4 Miles Defensive Signals 1995

x MOL-1 Mollo Bridge - Case for the Defense 1970

x MOL-15 Mollo Test Your Defense - Where the Points Are Won 1972

x MOL-9 Mollo How Good Is Your Defense? 1976

x MOL-21 Mollo/Nielsen Defense at Bridge 1976

x POT-5 Pottage Defend These Hands With Me 2006

x ROO-2A Root Defend a Bridge Hand  

x RTH-3A Roth Focus in Defense 1997

x RTH-1 Roth Bridge: Groundwork in Play & Defense 1992

x STW-10A Stewart Winning Defense for the Advancing Player 1985

x STW-6 Stewart Bridge Players Comprehensive Guide to Defense 1988

x STW-13A Stewart/Baron Bridge Book - Defensive Play - Vol 4 1900

x WEI-2A Wei/Andersen Action for the Defense 1980

x WLS-3A Woolsey Partnership Defense 1980

x COH-1 Cohn Power Defensive Carding 1988

SGM-11 Seagram/Bird 25 Ways to Be a Better Defender 2006

Kan-26 Kantar Introduction to Defender's Play 1968

BRD-21 Bird/Bourke Defending Suit Contracts 2005



x BGN-5A Bergen Negative Doubles 2000

x BOE-1 Boehm Demon Defense & Demon Doubling 2004

x EWN-2A Ewen Doubles for Penalty, Takeout and Profit in Contract Bridge 1973

x FLD-2 Feldheim Negative and Responsive Doubles 1980

x HRT-1 Horton When I Say Double 1993

x LAW-18A Lawrence Complete Book of Take Out Doubles 1994

x LAW-3 Lawrence Double! New Meaning for an Old Bid 2002

REE-24 Reese/Bird Double & Vulnerable  

REE-32 Reese/Bird ?? Doubled & Venerable 1987

x TRU-5 Truscott,A Doubles & Redoubles 1987



x FRN-1 Francis Official Encyclopedia of Bridge  

FRE-3 Frey Official Encyclopedia  

x GOR-3 Goren Fundamentals of Contract Bridge 1955

x GOR-5A Goren Gorens Bridge Complete 1941

KAR-4A Karpin Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge  

KAR-6 Karpin Duplicate Bridge 1966

x KAY-1B Kay/Silodor/Karpin Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge 1965

x MOL-2 Mollo Bridge Basics and Beyond 1975

x MOL-3 Mollo Bridge Course Complete 1977

x REE-33 Reese/Dormer Complete Book of Bridge 1973

x ROV-1A Rovere Contract Bridge Complete 1965

x SHN-10 Sheinwold Duplicate Bridge 1954

STW-5 Stewart Bridge Book  Vol.1  

VAR-1 Various Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge  

x GDN-1 Goodwin Teach Me to Play - 1st Bridge Book 1988

KAN-24 Kantar Bridge for Dummies  2nd Ed 2006

x MIL-2 Miles Bridge From the Top - Book 1 1987

x STW-12 Stewart/Baron Bridge Book - Beginners - Vol 1 1988

x BAR-1 Baron Bridge Student Text - Intermediate 1988

x MIL-3 Miles Bridge From the Top - Book 2 1989

x STW-3 Stewart Better Bridge for the Advancing Player 1984

x STW-14 Stewart/Baron Bridge Book - Intermediate - Vol 2 1988

x LAM-1 Lampert Fun Way to Advanced Bridge 1985

x REE-1 Reese Advanced Bridge 1973

x STW-2 Stewart Becoming a Bridge Expert 2001

x STW-11A Stewart/Baron Bridge Book - Advanced Players - Vol 3 1987

x MOL-16 Mollo Tomorrow's Textbook 1985



x GOR-1 Goren 100 Challenge Hands 1976

x GRV-1 Granovetter Bridge Additions 1995

GRV-3 Granovetter Bridge Team Murders  

x GRV-6 Granovetter Murder at the Bridge Table 1988

x KAN-5A Kantar Bridge Humor 1977

x MOL-22 Mollo Murder in the Menagerie 2002

x REE-22 Reese Story of an Accusation 1966

x REE-37 Reese/Sharif Omar Sharif's Life in Bridge 1982

x SON-1 Sontag Bridge Bum, My Life & Play 1977

x VAR-3 Anthology Bridge Writers Choice 1968 1968

x QUN-1 Quinn Great Bridge Conspiracy  

x SOH-1 Sohl Underhanded Bridge 1975

x TRU-7 Truscott,A Great Bridge Scandal 2004

McP-1 McPherson Backwash Squeeze & Other Improbable Feats 2007



x HIR-1A Hir aBridged 2006

x BID -1 Senaracko BIDittle 2007

x BID -2 Senaracko BIDittle - Travel Pac 2007

x GNT-10a (v) Grant Bridge Brush-up - Vol. 2 (Beginner)

x GNT-11b (d) Grant Bridge Brush-up - Vol. 3 

x GNT-9a (v) Grant Bridge Brush-up - Vol. 1 



x BGN-4B Bergen More Points Schmoints 1994

x BGN-6A Bergen Points Schmoints 1995

x BGN-7 Bergen To Open or Not To Open (Featuring the Rule of 20) 2003

x BLU-1 Blubagh Losing Trick Count 1993

x KLG-12 Klinger Modern Losing Trick Count 1986

x CNL-2A Cohen,L Following the Law Total Tricks Sequel 1994

x CNL-4A Cohen,L To Bid or Not To Bid - The Law of Total Tricks 1992

x LAW-24 Lawrence/Wirgren I Fought the Law of Total Tricks 2004

x LAW-16A Lawrence Complete Book of Hand Evaluation 1983

x KLG-20 Klinger Power of Shape 2002



x ABC-2A ACBL Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 1975

x CNL-3 Cohen,L Introduction to the Law 1997

x GRN-1A Groner Complete Handbook of Duplicate Direction 1967

x HRS-1 Harris Brdige Directors Companion 2000



x AXL-1 Axelsen Matchpoint Tricks 2004

x KEL-14 Kelsey Match Point Bridge 1970

x WLS-1A Woolsey Bridge:Match Points 1982

x BOD-1 Boeder Thinking About IMPs 1994



x BOR-1 Borel Mathematical Theory of Bridge  

x FST-1A Frost Bridge Odds Complete 1976

x KEL-4 Kelsey Bridge Odds for Practical Players  

x KEL-34 Kelsey Test Your Percentages 1983

x REE-40 Reese/Trezel Master the Odds at Bridge 1979



x BLK-6A Blackwood Opening Leads 1983

x CNB-2 Cohen,B Your Lead Partner 1969

x EWN-4 Ewen Opening Leads  

x FNK-2A Fink/Lutz Count Coded Leads 2001

x LAW-11A Lawrence Opening Leads  

x LAW-19 Lawrence Topics on Bridge 6. Leads Vs No Trump Contracts 1990

x LAW-20 Lawrence Topics on Bridge 7. Leads Vs Suit Contracts 1990

x MAL-1 Mallon Opening Leads & Signals in Contract Bridge 1964

x POT-3 Pottage Golden Rules of Opening Leads 2004

x RSA-3 Rosancrantz Everything You Wanted to Know Trump Leads 1986

x RSL-1 Rosler/Rubens Jounalistic Leads 1988

VAR-2 Various Complete Book of Opening Leads  



x FRB-1 Fairbrother Partnership Agreements 2005

x FRY-1 Fry How to Win at Bridge with Any Partner 1960

x GOR-10 Goren Winning Partnerships 1961

x JNN-5 Jannerstein Winning Pairs Technique 1975

x KEL-11 Kelsey Improve Your Partner's Defense 1988

x LAW-12a Lawrence Partnership Understandings 1990

x PAU-1 Paul Partnership Bidding  1994

x RTH-8 Roth/Stone Bridge Is a Partnership Game 1989

x SAU-1 Saunders Bridge with a Perfect Partner 1976

x TEU-1 Teukolsky How to Play Bridge with Your Spouse 2002



x BRD-3 Bird Secrets of Expert Card Play 1997

x BLK-4 Blackwood Card Play Fundamentals 1987

x CNB-1 Cohen,B Playing Better Bridge 1964

x DRV-1 Darvas Spotlight on Card Play 1982

x GRD-1 Gardner Card Play Technique 1955

GOR-9 Goren Standard Book of Play  

GNT-3 Grant Diamond Series - Play of the Hand  

x GNT-7a (v) Grant Bridge at Sea - Vol. 2 - Play

x HAY-1 Hayden Bid Better - Play Better 1966

x TRU-11B Truscott,D Bid Better, Play Better 1966

x JNN-3 Jannerstein Play Safe & Win 1977

KAN-19 Kantar Take Your Tricks  

x KAN-21A Kantar Test Your Bridge Play - Vol 2 1981

x KAR-5A Karpin Drawing of Trumps & It's Postponement 1981

x KAR-10 Karpin Winning Play in Contract Bridge 1964

x KAR-11 Karpin Winning Play in Tournament & Duplicate Bridge 1968

x KAR-8A Karpin Play the Cards Self Quizzes 1979

KAR-3 Karpin Bridge Strategy at Trick One  

x KAU-1A Kauder Creative Card Play 1989

x KEL-21 Kelsey Test Your Card Play  # 1 1990

x KEL-22 Kelsey Test Your Card Play  # 2 1990

x KEL-23 Kelsey Test Your Card Play  # 3 1991

x KEL-24 Kelsey Test Your Card Play  # 4 1991

x KEL-25 Kelsey Test Your Card Play  # 5 1992

x KEL-26 Kelsey Test Your Card Play  # 6 1992

x KEL-41 Kelsey Winning Card Play 1979

KLG-6 Klinger Card Play Made Easy - Part 1  

x KLG-7 Klinger Card Play Made Easy - Part 2  

KLG-10 Klinger Guide to Better Card Play  

x KLG-17 Klinger Winning Bridge - Trick by Trick  1980

x LIP-1 Lipkin Invitation to Annihilation Play 1991

x MRK-2 Markus Play Better Bridge 1979

x MRS-2 Marston Priciples of Card Playing 1986

x MOL-14 Mollo Streamline Your Card Play 1981

x MOL-19A Mollo/Gardner Card Play Technique 1955

x OTL-1A Ottlick/Kelsey Adventures in Card Play 1979

x REE-18 Reese Play These Hands with Me 1976

x REE-20 Reese Reese on Play 1948

REE-12 Reese Famous Play Decisions  

x REE-13A Reese Master Play in Contract Bridge 1960

x REE-17 Reese Play Bridge with Reese 1960

x REE-25 Reese/Bird All You Need to Know About Play 1993

x REE-30 Reese/Bird Miracles of Card Play 1982

x REE-34 Reese/Dormer Play of the Cards 1961

x RON-1 Roney/Hardy Play My Card 1983

x ROO-3 Root How to Play a Bridge Hand 1990

x RSA-6 Rosancrantz/Alder Bid to Win, Play for Pleasure 1990

x SND-1 Sands Playing the Cards - Developing Confidence 1984

SCH-2 Schapiro Play These Hands  

x SEN-4 Senior  Play these Hands with Brian Senior 1996

x SEN-6 Senior  Step By Step Card Play in Suits 1994

x RUB-3 Rubens/Lukacs Test Your Play As Declarer - Vol 1 1982

x RUB-4 Rubens/Lukacs Test Your Play As Declarer - Vol 2 1982

x SLV-2 Silverman Play of the Hand  

x WAT-1C Watson Play of the Hand 1934

x HAY-2 Hayden Winning Declarer Play 1969

x KAN-12A Kantar Introduction to Declarer's Play 1968

x KAN-20A Kantar Test Your Bridge - 100 Problems in Declarer Play 1974

x KAN-24 Kantar Topics in Declarer Play in Bridge 2002

x MAH-2 Mahmamood Declarer Play, for Beginners 1990

x RGL-1 Rigal Step By Step Deceptive Declarer Play 1996

x RTH-4 Roth Focus on Declarer Play 1997

x SBK-1 Seabrooke Expert Dummy Play 1981

x SGM-7 Seagram-Smith 25 Ways to Take More Tricks As Declarer 2003

TRU-3 Truscott Winning Declarer Play  

HGT-1 Huggett/Cashmore Plan the Play 1998

x BRD-11 Bird/Bourke Entry Management, Test Your Technique 2004

x BRD-10 Bird/Smith Entry Management 2000

x BRD-8 Bird/Smith Safety Plays 2000

REE-21 Reese Safety Play  

x BRD-9 Bird/Bourke Safety Plays, Test Your Technique 2005

x KEL-35 Kelsey Test Your Safety  Play 1984

x REE-39A Reese/Trezel Elimination Play in Bridge 1976

x KEL-30 Kelsey Test Your Elimination Play 1984

x KEL-31 Kelsey Test Your Finessing 1981

x KEL-32 Kelsey Test Your Match Play 1977

x KEL-33 Kelsey Test Your Pairs Play 1985

x KEL-37 Kelsey Test Your Trump Control 1981

x KEL-42A Kelsey Advanced Play at Bridge 1968

x KEL-8 Kelsey Deceptive Plays in Bridge 1982

x LAW-6B Lawrence How to Play Card Combinations 1988

x LAW-5A Lawrence False Cards  

x REE-31A Reese/Bird That Elusive Extra Trick 1994

x REE-38A Reese/Trezel Blocking & Unblocking Plays in Bridge 1976

x REE-44 Reese/Trezel When to Duck, When to Win in Bridge 1978

x RTH-1 Roth Bridge: Groundwork in Play & Defense 1992

x VIN-1 Vinge Defensive Play in Bridge 1980

BRD-13 Bird/Smith Planning the Play in Notrump 2001

BRD-15 Bird/Smith Decepetive Card Play 2000

BRD-16 Bird/Bourke TEST:Decepetive Card Play 2005

BRD-17 Bird/Smith Eliminations & Throw-ins 2000

BRD-18 Bird/Bourke TEST:Elimination Plays 2004

BRD-19 Bird/Bourke TEST:Avoidance Plays 2005

Brd-14 Bird/Bourke TEST:Planning Notrumps Contracts 2004

BRD-20 Bird/Bourke TEST:Endplays & Coups 2004

BRD-23 Bird/Bourke TEST:Planning in Suit Contracts 2004

BRD-24 Bird/Smith Tricks with Finesses 2001

BRD-25 Bird/Smith Tricks with Trumps 2000


    PRE-EMPTS & WEAK 2'S  

x AND-2B Andersen Preempts from A to Z 1996

x EWN-5A Ewen Preemptive Bidding 1975

x FLD-4A Feldheim Weak Two Bids in Bridge 1973

x WEI-5 Wei/Andersen Profits from Pre-empts 1977



x FOX-1 Fox Second Daily Telegraph Quiz 1979

x STW-7 Stewart Contract Bridge Quiz Book 1986

KEL-5 Kelsey Bridge Quiz for Improving Player 1983

SHN-2 Sheinwold Book of Bridge Puzzles  

x SHN-4 Sheinwold Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles # 1 1970

x SHN-5 Sheinwold Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles # 2 1970

x SHN-6 Sheinwold Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles # 3 1970

x SHN-7 Sheinwold Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles # 4 1970

x SHN-10 Sheinwold Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles # 5 1970

x SHN-11 Sheinwold Pocket Book of Bridge Puzzles # 6 1970

x STW-1 Stewart 1000 and 1 Bridge Problems Workbook 1990



x FRE-2 Frey How to Win at Contract Bridge in 10 Easy Lessons 1961

x GNT-5 Grant Bridge at a Glance (Novice-Intermediate) 2006

x SHN-1 Sheinwold 5 Weeks to Winning Bridge 1959

x SON-3 Sontag/Steinberg Improve Your Bridge - Fast 1982

x TRU-1 Truscott Basic Bridge in 3 Weeks 1987

x TRU-2 Truscott Intermediate Bridge in 3 Weeks 1990

x SHN-9 Sheinwold Short Cut to Winning Bridge, A 1961



x KAM-2 Kambites Signals & Discards for You 1994

x LAV-1 Lavinthal Defense Strategy - Featuring Suit Preference Signals 1974

x LAV-3 Lavinthal Suit Preference Signals in Contract Bridge 1964

x RTH-6 Roth Signal Sucess in Bridge 1989

x WLS-2 Woolsey Modern Defensive Signaling in Contract Bridge - Vol 1 1981



x BRD-2 Bird Bridge Squeezes for Everyone 2002

x BRD-7 Bird/Bourke Simple Squeeze, Test Your Technique 2004

x BRD-5 Bird/Smith Squeezes Made Simple 2001

x ENG-1 Eng Bridge Squeezes Illustrated  

x KEL-19 Kelsey Simple Squeezes  

x KEL-20 Kelsey Strip Squeezes 1986

x KEL-40 Kelsey Triple Squeezes 1990

x KEL-9 Kelsey Double Squeezes  

x LAD-1 Laderman Bridge to Simple Squeezes 2005

x LOV-1 Love Bridge Squeeses Complete 1959

x REE-35 Reese/Jourdain Squeeze Play Made Easy 1980

x SCL-1 Schuld Simple Squeese 1974

x WNG-1 Wang Squeeze at Bridge 1993


x ABC-1 ACBL Guide for Swiss Teams 1993

x FLD-5 Feldheim Winning Swiss Teams Tactics 1976

LAW-14 Lawrence Swiss Teams of Four  

RUB-2A Rubens Swiss Match Challenge  



x BEL-1 Belladonna Precision & Superprecision Bidding 1975

x GOR-6 Goren Precision Bridge for Everyone 1978

x GOR-7 Goren Precision System 1971

x SON-2 Sontag Power Precision 1979

x WEI-6 Wei/Radin Precision's One Club Complete 1981

x WEI-1 Wei Precision Bidding System 1969

x WEI-4B Wei/Andersen Match Point Precision 1975

x WEI-3 Wei/Andersen Bidding Precisely - Vol 2 1976

x FLD-1A Feldheim Five Card Major Bidding 1985

x HRD-2 Hardy 5 Card Majors Western Style 1974

x SLV-1B Silverman Elementary Bridge 5 Card Major Student Text 1976

x SLV-1C Silverman Intermediate Bridge 5 Card Major - Student Text 1976

x BRN-1A Bruno/Hardy 2 Over 1 Game Force 1993

x HRD-1A Hardy 2 Over 1 Game Force Quiz Book 1993

x HRD-7B Hardy Two Over One Game Force 1982

HRD-8 Hardy Two Over One Quiz Book 1993

x LAW-22A Lawrence Two Over One, Workbook on the Super System 1987

x MIL-9 Miles My System : Unbalanced Diamond 2007

FNK-1 Fink/Lutz American Forcing Minor System 1995

x LDR-2 Lederer/Ben Cohen All About ACOL Bid System 1969

x LUT-1A Lutz/Fink American Forcing Minor System 1995

x KLG-14 Klinger Power System  

x SCN-1 Schenken Big Club 1970

THR-1 Thurston 25 Steps to Learning 2/1 2002



x BOK-1 Boekhorst Bols 2nd Book of Bridge Tips 1993

x KAN-22 Kantar Treasury of Bridge Tips  

KEL-1A Kelsey 101 Bridge Maxims 1983

x KLN-1 Kleinman 365 Winning Bridge Tips  

x KLG-1 Klinger  50 Winning Tips  

x KLG-2 Klinger 100 Winning Bridge Tips  

x REE-7A Reese Bridge Tips From World Masters 1980

KLG-3 Klinger 50 More Bridge Tips  

x STW-9 Stewart Two Minute Bridge Tips 1992



x BRD-12 Bird/Sarantakos Famous Bridge Records 2002

x FLK-1 Falk Bermuda Bowl Challange 1997

x FLK-2 Falk Springold Challenge 1988

x MAC-1 Machlin Tournament Bridge - An Uncensored Memior 1980

x MEC-1 Meckstroth/Smith Win the Bermuda Bowl with Me 2001

x MIL-7 Miles Reisinger Challenge 1997

x REE-8 Reese Brilliance & Blunders - Europen Bridge Championships 1991

REE-11 Reese/Bird Famous Hands from Famous Matches 1991

x WCM-1   2002 World Championships - Montreal 2002

x WCP-1   2001 World Championships - Paris 2001

x MLN-1 Milnes Bridge Hands for the Connoisseur 1974

FRQ-1 Fourquet Bridge with the Blue Team 1987



x KAN-23A Kantar/Stanley Gamesman Bridge 1972

x KAP-3 Kaplan Duplicate Bridge - How to Play, How to Win  

x RIM-1 Rimington Play Bridge with the Experts 1981

x ABR-1 Abrahams Brains in Bridge 1977

x ALD-1 Alder Get Smarter at Bridge 1994

x AUK-1 Auken I Love This Game 2006

x BAD-1 Badger Full Deck of Double Dummy Problems 1996

x BEC-1 Becker Becker on Bridge 1971

x BRD-1 Bird 25 Bridge Myths Exposed 2002

x BRD-4A Bird/Klinger Kosher Bridge 1992

x BLK-3 Blackwood Bridge Humanics 1949

x BLK-5 Blackwood Human Element old

x BLK-7 Blackwood Winning Bridge with Blackwood 1977

x COL-1 Cole Fish Heads 1991

x CRT-1 Courtney Play Cards with Tim Seres 1995

x CRW-1 Crawford Men, Women and Bridge 1978

x CUL-1 Culbertson Bridge World  Vol.55   Magazine 1975

x DRV-2 Darvas/Hart Right Through the Pack 1948

x DRW-1 Darwin Bridge Magic 1973

x DEL-1 Delmain Hand Pattern System 1993

x DIO-1 Diosy There Must Be a Way 1995

x DMR-1A Dormer On Deduction 1995

x DMR-2 Dormer Powerhouse Hands 1975

x EBR-1 Eber/Freeman Have I Got a Story for You 1984

x EWN-3 Ewen Improve Your Technique 1975

x FLK-3 Falk Team Trial 1991

x FNT-1 Flint Bridge with the Professional Touch 1991

x FNT-2 Flint Bridge with the Times 1983

x FNT-4A Flint Match Your Skill Against the Masters 1972

x FOR-1 Forrester Secrets of Success 1993

x FRE-1 Frey Bridge for Women 1967

x GRD-2 Gardner Master Bridge 1983

x GOR-2 Goren Bridge Is My Game 1965

x GOR-4 Goren Goren Settles Bridge Arguments 1974

x GOR-8 Goren Sports Illustrated Book of Bridge 1961

x GRV-5 Granovetter For Experts Only 1993
x GRV-7A Granovetter Switch in Time 1994

x GRV-8 Granovetter Tops and Bottoms 1987

x GRV-9 Granovetter Forgive Me, Partner! 1997

x GNT-1 Grant Better Bridge Series 1995

x GNT-2 Grant Introduction to Bridge  

x HAL-1A Hall How the Experts Win at Bridge 1996

x HAM-1 Hammon At the Table 1996

x HUG-1 Hughes Card by Card 2006

x JAC-1 Jacoby What's New in Bridge 1954

x JNN-2 Jannerstein Find the Mistakes 1981

x JNN-4 Jannerstein Only Chance 1980

x KAM-1 Kambites Card Placing 1995

x KAN-11 Kantar How to Win at Bridge 1967

x KAN-6 Kantar Classic Kantor 1999

x KAP-4 Kaplan Winning Contract Bridge 1964

KAR-2 Karpin Bridge at Your Fingertips  

x KAR-9 Karpin Psychological Strategies in Contract Bridge 1960

x KEA-1 Kearse Bridge at Your Fingertips  

x KEL-10 Kelsey How to Improve Your Bridge 1971

x KEL-12 Kelsey Instant Guide to Bridge 1975

x KEL-15 Kelsey Mind of the Expert 1981

x KEL-17 Kelsey Needle Match  

x KEL-18B Kelsey Sharpen Your Bridge Technique 1981

x KEL-2 Kelsey Bridge for the Connoisser 1991

x KEL-28 Kelsey Test Your Communication 1982

x KEL-3 Kelsey Bridge Logic 1976

x KEL-36 Kelsey Test Your Timing  1983

x KEL-38 Kelsey Tough Game 1979

x KEL-39 Kelsey Tricky Game 1982

x KEL-43 Kelsey Improve Your Bridge 1971

Kel-6A Kelsey Challenge Match 1983

x KEL-6B Kelsey Challenge Match 1983

x KEL-7 Kelsey Countdown to Better Bridge 1986

x KIC-1 Kichline Bridging the Gap - Leap from Intermediate to Expert 1989

x KNG-1 King King's Tales 1994

x KNG-2 King Your Deal Mr. Bond 1997

x KLN-2 Kleinman No Trump Zone 2004

x KLG-11A Klinger Improve Your Bridge Memory  

x KLG-13 Klinger Play With the Champions 2003

KLG-15 Klinger Ron Klinger's Answers Your Bridge Querieso  2004

x KLG-16 Klinger Ron Klinger's Master Class 2004

x KLG-21 Klinger Answers Your Bridge Querries 2004

KLG-5 Klinger Bridge Without Error  

KLG-9 Klinger Guide to Better Bridge  

x LAW-13 Lawrence Play Bridge with Mike Lawrence 1983

x LAW-25 Lawrence Judgement at Bridge 1976

x LAW-23A Lawrence/Hanson Intangibles, Winning Bridge 1985

x LED-1 Le Dentu Triumphs & Disasters 1990

x LDR-1 Lederer Fits & Misfits 1989

x LIN-1 Lind Psychotics - Neurotics  

x MCK-1 Mackey Walk of the Oysters 1964

x MAH-1 Mahmamood Ask Zia  

x MRK-1 Markus More Deadly Than the Male, First Lady of Bridge 1984

x MNT-1 Martin Ins & Outs of Contract Bridge 1977

MIL-1 Miles All 52 Cards  

x MIL-5 Miles Miles Teaches Logical Bridge 1967

x MLR-1 Miller More Bridge Brilliance and Blunder 1975

x MOL-10 Mollo I Challange You 1984

x MOL-11 Mollo Masters and Monsters  

x MOL-12 Mollo Other Side of Bridge 1984

x MOL-17 Mollo Winning Bridge 1983

x MOL-18 Mollo You Need Never Lose at Bridge 1983

x MOL-4 Mollo Bridge in the Fourth Dimension 1974

x MOL-6 Mollo Compleat Bridge Player 1986

MOL-7 Mollo Finer Arts of Bridge  

x MOL-8 Mollo How Good Is Your Bridge? 1968

x MOL-20 Mollo/Jannerston Best of Bridge 1973

x POT-4 Pottage Win the Big Match 2004

x REE-10 Reese Do You Really Want to Win at Bridge? 1989

x REE-15A Reese Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge 1978

REE-19 Reese Puzzling Situations  

REE-2 Reese Alphabetical Handbook  

x REE-4 Reese Bridge by Question & Answer 1976

x REE-45 Reese Bridge for Ambitious Players 1988

x REE-26 Reese/Bird Bridge, The Modern Game 1983

x REE-27 Reese/Bird Cardinal Sins 1991

x REE-29 Reese/Bird Hidden Side of Bridge 1988

x REE-36 Reese/Shapiro Bridge Card By Card 1969

x REE-41 Reese/Trezel Mistakes You Make in Bridge 1984

x REE-42 Reese/Trezel Snares & Swindles 1976

x REE-43 Reese/Trezel Those Extra Chances in Bridge 1978

x ROB-1 Robinson Washington Standard 1996

x RBS-1 Robson Bridge: Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them 2005

x RSA-4 Rosancrantz Our Man Godfrey 1994

x RSA-5 Rosancrantz Tips for Tops 1988

x RSA-7 Rosancrantz/Alder Godfrey Stairway to the Stars 1998

x RSA-8 Rosancrantz/Alder Godfrey's Bridge Challange 1996

x RTH-2 Roth Expert Improver 1992

x RTH-7 Roth Why Women Win at Bridge 1992

RND-1 Roundenesco Dictionary of Suit Combinations, The  

x RUB-1 Rubens Secrets of Winning Bridge 1971

x SAX-1 Saxon Go for the Gold 1996

x SCH-1B Schapiro Bridge Analysis 1976

x SEN-3 Senior  Clever Bridge Tricks 1988

x SHN-3A Sheinwold How to Improve Your Bridge 1963

x SLD-1 Silador Silador Says 1952

x SMN-1B Simon Why You Lose at Bridge 1946

x SBL-1 Sobel All the Tricks 1949

STB-1 Steinberg Improve Your Bridge  

x STN-1 Stern Expert Bridge 1978

x STW-8A Stewart My Bridge and Yours 1992

x THM-1 Thomas Sherlock Holmes, Bridge Detective 1973

x TRU-8 Truscott,A New York Times Bridge Book 2002

x TRU-9 Truscott,A Practical Bridge 1970

x VAR-3 Various Bridge Writers Choice 1968 1968

VAR-4 Various Kosher Bridge  

x VNS-1 Von Eisner Everything Is Jake with Me 1980

VNS-2 Von Eisner Jack of Hearts  

WTC-1 Whitcomb Charting the Game  

x WLM-1 Willemsens It's All in the Small 1995

x YNG-1 Young Bridge for Who Don't Know One Card from Another 1965