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    Major Events -
    2017 Instant Matchpoint Game2017 Spooktacular SectionalD11 NAP Finals2017 Lou-Lex Regional

    Contact Reeta Brendamour 
    Facebook Unit 124 Updates

    ATTENTION CBC PLAYERS - help prepare for the Sectional at the end of October by clearing out all items belonging to you in our lost and found.  Any items left after October 24 will be turned over to the Great Pumpkin. 

    Tuesday Evening Open (and NLM) Pairs -
    come join the Unit 124 Board of Directors and Pam Campbell to play open bridge on Tuesday Night October 17 at 7 PM.  . Help support OPEN evening bridge.  We had 5 tables last month and want to keep this game going - please contact Pam Campbell if you need a partner for the game.  Bring your friends - help us get this open game to 8 tables.  The more the merrier.  These games have been fun, friendly and good bridge.  Step up and keep Open Bridge alive in the evenings at the CBA. 

    UNIT 124 ELECTIONS! - We have 4 candidates contesting the 3 Board seats up for election this cycle.  Incumbents Pam Campbell and Nalin Mehta seek second terms, joined by John Williams and Steve Messinger both first time candidates.  For more information about the candidates please see the candidates biographies

    Voting for the election will occur during the Spooktacular Sectional October 26-28 at the CBC. You do not have to play to vote, but you must be present during the sectional and a member in good standing to vote in the Unit elections.  Contact Gail Zimmer  ( or her Assistant Joy SIngerman ( with any questions. 

    Effective with the Spooktacular Sectional the "Eight is Enough" master point groups on Thursday nights are:
    < 400 MPs = 1 point;     401-1500 =  2 points;   > 1500  = 3 points. Tournament Flyer

    WELCOME! New Members: Bob Boden, Jonathan Eaton, Rod Kaplan, Thomas Kiefhaber, Frederic Mosher, Frances Stinett, John Stinett.  
    NEW RUBY Life Master: Richard Pleshek
    NEW Life Masters: Carol Byrne, Nancy Cameron, Martin McTighe, Albert Venosa.
    Members with promotions:  Maya Lavens, Erin Oblinger.  Promotions are updated through September 30, 2017.  See Milestones - Members on the Move for details!

    No ParkingEffective September 1, 2017: NO PARKING in the Viox Lot
    immediately North of the CBC parking LOT.  The building has a new owner who does not want us using their property.  Extra parking is available one property further North.  See the Parking Map for details.
    2017 Instant Matchpoint Game
    The ACBL Instant Matchpoint Game is coming to the CBA! Mike Lipp will offer NLM and Open Flights at the CBC. Jodie Kieffer will offer the game at the Anderson BC.  Check with your favorite club or the ACBL website to see who is participating in this special game.  One GOLD point is awarded to section tops in both directions at each participating club.  The winners of the ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game will be recognized in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin and on the ACBL website.  Each player will receive a booklet with analysis of all 36 deals by Larry Cohen. All hands matchpointed instantly on play of the hand. 
    See this Bridge Video: For card loving bridge players, attracting youth is ultimate puzzle. CBC News Clip on the Toronto Tournament. View the Video
       Map Events-100 miles of Cincinnati next 90 Days (Tournaments, Clubs, Teachers, Youth Events)
    OTICE:  ALL CBC GAMES now COMMON GAMES See Common Game Website for details. 

    BACK TO SCHOOL! - The CBA Fall Class Schedule
    is available for the true Students of the Game! Join up now and stay at the Head of your Class! Fall 2017 Class Schedule 
    Click for your electronic copy.  Here is your copy of the:
    July 2017 ALERT
    (Large File 3.6 MB Use high Speed Connection for best Results)
     July 2017 District 11 Midwest Monitor
    (Large file 6 MB - Use high speed connection for best results)

    CBA MENTOR PAIRS - Come play Sunday September 17, 2017 at the CBC - the last mentor game of the season.
     Thanks to all who participated and worked to organize this great opportunity for improving players.  
    Calling ALL CBA BRIDGE LIBRARY BOOKS! Time to check yourself back in.  If you know a CBA member who has a library book, please remind them to return it to the Library.  We want you back at the Bridge Center so others can have a chance to read you!

    Recruiting New Bridge Players and ACBL Members - What works best?  
    Thanks to Beth Reid, we have substantial data regarding new ACBL member referrals for the past 5 Years.  We grow best when friends invite friends who invite friends... - Just say'in!DATA
    D11District 11 Ethics & Proprieties Handbook (FINAL)
    Here is a source for discussing the ethics and proprieties of bridge with new players, teachers, club directors, sanction holders and experienced tournament veterans. 
    ACBLAJ Stephani's Board of Director's Report to District 11.
    Board of Directors and Board of Governor's Reports
    Robert Hartman's BoG Presentation Slides   Special Board of Governor's Report on ACBL Finances.
    ACBL Strategic Plan   One Page Summary

    CBA DirectoryCBA directories are at the CBC.  Pick yours up - better still, use our online directory!  Online Member Directory.  Click icon. Password Required.   Midwest MonitorOctober 2017 eMagazine Big file (7.5 MB) - use a high speed connection for best results.

    Need more help finding partners CBC? Contact Joanne Earls  513-772-4395, 513-478-2033.
    New to Bridge? Check out Unit 124 resources:
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                  Saturday Supervised Play Schedule
    Learn to Play Software(Free - Windows (PC):
    Bridge Basics                            Beyond the Basics

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