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    CBA Cincinnati Bridge Association

    Tristate BridgeBegin your bridge journey in the Tri-State right NOW!
    Area Teachers & Classes
    Learn BridgeAre you ready to learn how to play BRIDGE? Here are resources from the ACBL. Choose to learn bridge the way that suits you best. Details
    The ACBL Educational Foundation launches BridgeWhiz, free to all students. Each graduate receives a free, one-year Junior Membership in the American Contract Bridge  DETAILS - SUPPORT BRIDGEWHIZ - VOLUNTEER

    Name Tag
    CBA Name Tag? Contact Joanne Earls (513) 772-4395
    1st Tag Free to Newcomers!
    Replacements $4 each

    CBANeed more help finding partners @ CBC? Contact Mike Burns 513-574-4067
    For details see Partnerships

    ACBLACBL Documents (see Conventional Wisdom link on this page for detailed instructions how to fill out your card).
    BridgeWinners Editor (Join! It's free. You can share and compose online with partner).
    NEW Draft ACBL Convention Card
    Other System Cards (not for ACBL use):
    World Bridge Federation
    English Bridge Union

    How to fill out your System Card - WBF

    D112022 District 11 Sectionals
    D112022 District 11 Regionals
    D112022 District 11 GNT/NAP Finals
    The calendar below shows Unit events & tournaments. See club websites for club schedules. 

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    CBASaturday Supervised Play (U100) a fun way to build skills.

    Click for club game schedules
    Anderson Bridge Club
    Cincinnati Bridge Center Clubs
    Northern Kentucky Bridge Club

    Other Area Clubs:

    Thursday Bridge Club
    Margaret Blum
    Lebanon Duplicate BC Doug Reams
    Middletown Duplicate BC Doug Reams
    Sycamore Creek DBC Lynda Brown Walker

    CBACBA Virtual Pairs

    Day  Time Game Results Director
    Mon 2:00 P U100 CBA Pam
    Tue 2:00 P Open BridgeToSchool Ellis
    Thu 2:00 P Open BridgeToSchool Ellis

    CBALearn about BBO, playing online & finding your results:  Online Bridge

    How to Use Bridge Base Online (Sylvana Morici)
    Adding BBO $'s to your account (Sylvana Morici)
    How to Bid and Play (Sylvana Morici)
    How to Alert your Bids (Sylvana Morici)
    How to Set up your convention card (S.Morici)
    How to Play on BBO (Samantha McDouglas)

    NEWS Contact Us  Welcome to Unit 124! 

    Deschapelles Bridge Club - No Game Monday 17 Jan 2022

    Welcome New Members:
    Neil Torrey, Vicki Torrey, Esther Zimmerman.
    Welcome Transfer:
    Linda Hall (Unit 128), Chris King (Unit 777), Jamey McAdams (Unit 128).
    ACBL LM PinNew Silver Life Master Suzy Haerr
    New Bronze Life Master
    Sharon Koster
    CONGRATULATIONS! Members with promotions: Linda Costura, Sandy Donovan, Jim Steinke, and Ben FIsk.  Promotions updated through January 1, 2022. See Milestones- Members on the Move

    ALERTAll Games resumed January 7, 2022
    Join us for in-person bridge fun. 

    NKBCNKBC Reports a Covid -19 Exposure. Games are canceled until
    January 18, 2022

    If you are exposed to Covid-19, please follow all CDC guidelines.  We recommend a negative test result prior to returning to play. 


    How Well Do You Know Bridge Ethics and Proprieties?
    Here is a 5 minute Norwegian film (english Subtitles) that will test your sense of proper behavior at the bridge table. How many mistakes can you count? Watch the video and check your count against this LIST. Thanks to the Norwegian Bridge Federation for the video, and Sofie SjøDal for posting this to Bridge winners at: 
    Give The Board of Directors wishes to recognize the generosity of our members and thank all those who contributed toward the 2021 operating expenses for the Cincinnati Bridge Center.  Your 2021 contributions totaled $10,620.

    The CBA is a 501(c)(4) Corporation under IRS law.  Donations are not Tax deductible.  Thank you for your continued support.

    CONGRATULATIONS To The New CBA Unit 124 Officers

     Tom Mess Pam Campbell  Michelle Barker  Steve Moese
    Tom Mess
    Pam Campbell
    Michelle Barker
    Vice President
    Steve Moese

    NewBRIDGETOSCHOOL is an online Virtual Club Game (ACBL Black Points, Matthew Granovetter club owner) benefiting the local Cincinnati Yeshiva High School on Section Road.  Open games are on BBO Tues and Thurs at 2 PM ($5 BBO). At the end of each game, players can go to and download a hand record analysis with lessons, tips, and more. Proceeds go to the charity supporting the school. Example Analysis. Contact game director Ellis Feigenbaum the day before to access the game.

    Stephani Team
    Monday November 29, 2021 Austin NABC Daily Bulletin

    Congratulations AJ!

    Holiday PartyCBA Unit 124 HOLIDAY CELEBRATION
    Happy Holidays to Everyone
    Results and Photos
    FInal Results.  Send additional photos to

    New ACBL ConventionCardNEW ACBL CONVENTION CARD Printable Blank Version
    This is the new ACBL CONVENTION CARD. The ACBL Board of Directors approved the new Convention Card during its Austin meetings.  The ACBL will begin production of the new forms when the current inventory runs out.  There will be a transition period from the old card to the new one. The new card will be the official one sometime in the middle of 2022. During that time, either card will be acceptable. The formal use of the card in tournaments will take place sometime next year, after multiple Bulletin articles to help explain the changes and the proper way to fill out the card. This version does not include a score sheet, only the front page. PRINTABLE VERSION

    Here is your  OCTOBER 2021 ALERT - This issue of the ALERT is electronic only - no print copies. (VERY Large File 4.1 MB and 50 pages. Use a high speed connection for best results).  ALERT LIBRARY

    NLM NewsletterNLM Newsletter Unit 124 offers a bi-weekly Newsletter to better serve the bridge interests of our Non-Life Master Members. CBA Newsletter Library

    BiddingBoxWeekly Bidding Quiz Here's a fun way to think about different bidding situations. Members compare how they bid 6 hands each week.  For Non-Life-Masters and advancing players.  See the Quiz Page.

    Learn Bridge
    Are you ready to learn how to play BRIDGE? Here are a host of resources from the ACBL. Choose to learn bridge the way that suits you best. Details

    Join the Fun at a Club Near You! See "
    Area Club Game Schedules " on the ← left of this page for links to club pages.

    Saturday Supervised Play (U100) a fun way to build skills.
    CBACome at 9:30 AM for a free lecture and stay to play with a table coach and players of your skill level.  Then stay to play in the Saturday Open Game at 1:00 PM.  Schedule You may come with a partner or be matched with someone at the game.  Must have under 100 Masterpoints to attend.

    Come and PlayCOME AND PLAY Bridge Thursdays 2:00-4:00 PM, students from OLLI Classes will gather to play and continue their learning journey with each other.  Contact Tom Mess for information.   For Newcomers  
    CAP is not held on November 25, 2021 (Thanksgiving) nor on December 23 & 30, 2021 (Holidays).

    NOTE: the Friday U100 Game has been suspended until January 2022 for lack of demand. 

    Play Healthy

    WhitelistPlease update your privacy choice on - Allow emails from the ACBL - It's the only way we can reach you.

    USEFUL FACTS about Covid-19:
    CDC Guidance       CDC Hand Hygiene
    Ohio Dept of Health News
    JAMA covid-19 Articles

    Trackers:  Ohio         Johns Hopkins       
    Reuters(By State)   CDC  Covid 19 Statistics     

    Join us at the Cincinnati Bridge Center Monday through Saturdays
    2860 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati OH 45241
    513 563 2218

    Play Bridge





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