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       D11 NAPQ2019 Summer STaCLAS VEGAS NABC2019 Louisville NLM regional
    NEWS Contact the CBAWELCOME to the CBA!

    Flying Pig Regional Electronic Bulletins:
    Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday  Monday
    WELCOME! New Member:
    Kathy Bernard, Craig Himes.  Transfers: Lenore Miller (Unit 102),
    New Bronze Life Master William Atteberry, Amy Gerowitz
    New Life Master Mike Burns
    Members with promotions:
     Jay Gala, Becky Karlak, Joseph Moravec, Christine Heekin, Barb Loebach, David Loebach, Marlene Epstein, Stephanie Jones, Sherry Leblond, Ila Mehta, Jolene Schwab, Evelyn Skaggs, Peter Outcalt. Promotions are updated through June 1, 2019.  See Milestones - Members on the Move for details.

    2019 Mentoring Program -
    Is underway.  Thanks to all advancing players and mentors who participate. Details are on the Unit 124 Mentoring Program page. 
    If you play in NKy, contact Greg Brinker grefab999@gmail.com     (859)331-1868     (859)322-1969
    If you play at the CBC contact John Williams williajp@miamioh.edu    (513)931-6127
    They will be happy to answer any of your questions. 
    The Longest Day 2019, June 17-21, 2019
    -  is coming up an we will all pitch in to help raise money for the Alzheimer Association. We are holding a silent auction at the Cincinnati Bridge Center the entire week beginning on June 17 and ending on June 21. Jusie Clendening will be coordinating the auction. If people have an item they want to donate they can contact Jusie at (513) 793-1920. Pam Campbell will manage donations from our members. Contact Pam at Pam Campbell - 513-720-2621 campbell.ps.54@gmail.com . We will take no more than 25 items to be auctioned. Pam and Jusie will decide what items can be auctioned.

    D11 NAPQ
    North American Pairs Qualifying games at clubs
    are offered during the months of June, July, and August.  Clubs can offer up to two NAPQ games each month.  There is a $1 per person increased cost and you earn extra masterpoints (Black/Red).  These games qualify a player in the flight played.  Each individual qualifies separately (you are not required to play with a partner you qualified with). There are thre flights: A = Open, B = U2500, and C = NLM & U500.   However you must be eligible for your flight by the masterpoint count you hold as of May 6, 2019 for the 2019 District Finals in Cincinnati OH October 19 & 20, 2019.  Qualifying pairs are invited to play in the Spring NABCs in Columbus OH in March 2020, and receive a stipend from the ACBL and or the District.  Do not miss these games for getting your spot in the District Finals.  Qualifying pairs.  For details see the D11 NAP FAQ page.  
    Click for your electronic copy. Here is your copy of the April 2019 Alert
    (Large File 6.5 MB Use high Speed Connection for best Results)
    Unit 124 Annual Awards Party
    Congratulations to Unit 124's 2018 New Life Masters, all Mini McKinney and Ace of Clubs winners.  There were 16+ total tables at last night's celebration.  All Photos

    District 11 Grand National Teams Finals
    Congratulations to all Unit 124 Qualifiers and finalists.  Unit 124 Flight B and C teams will represent D11 in the NABC competition in Las Vegas in July 2019.  We have a player on the D11 Champion Flight team too!  Well done everyone.  Details at D11 Webpage and ACBL Live

    Calling all Directors & Players interested in the New Laws for Duplicate Bridge.  The World Bridge Federation Laws Committee has published its official commentary on the 2017 update to the Laws of Bridge.  This 38 page publication is a much simpler way to understand the intent and application of each law than the current 157 page Laws of Duplicate Bridge.  Note - since this is a WBF publication there might be minor differences with ACBL regulations.  Neverless it is a great source to begin or further develop your understanding of the Laws of Duplicate bridge. 
    WBF 2017 Laws Commentary              WBF Definition Comparable Calls
    Make Your Zeal for Bridge Infectious - How to Spread the Fun
    Each of us are the very best recruiters for this game of ours. 
    Now here's a way to make showing people the fun of Bridge easy to do without taking on full scale lessons (we have wonderful teachers who can help with that).  Adults have more fun doing than listening to lectures anyway.  So do youngsters in Middle or High School, even College!  One idea is to emphasize the fun and challenge of play, foregoing bidding for when people are ready.  Here are two mini-games that do just that.  No bidding systems or heavy rules - just a great way to experience much of the fun bridge can be.  Mini-Bridge is practiced in the Americas and Europe.  HOOL is a modified version of Mini-Bridge that shares hand information without the burden of bidding systems.  NOW invite your friends over, have a Mini-Bridge/HOOL party, and get them loving this game enough to take lessons and think about rubber bridge then duplicate.  Baby steps! 

    Time to check yourself back in.  If you know a CBA member who has a library book, please remind them to return it to the Library.  We want you back at the Bridge Center so others can have a chance to read you!  

    D11District 11 Ethics & Proprieties Handbook (FINAL) - Here is a source for discussing the ethics and proprieties of bridge with new players, teachers, club directors, sanction holders and experienced tournament veterans. 
    Map Events-100 miles of Cincinnati next 90 Days (Tournaments, Clubs, Teachers, Youth Events)

    See this Bridge Video: For card loving bridge players, attracting youth is ultimate puzzle. CBC News Clip on the Toronto Tournament. View the Video NOTICE:  ALL CBC GAMES now COMMON GAMES See Common Game for details. 
    ACBLAJ Stephani's Board of Director's Report to D11.
    Board of Directors and Board of Governor's Reports
    CBA DirectoryCBA directories are at the CBC.  Pick yours up - better still, use our online directory!  Online Member Directory.  Click icon. Password Required. Need more help finding partners CBC? Contact Joanne Earls  jolman@fuse.net  513-772-4395, 513-478-2033.
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    Special Game Codes & Masterpoint Awards

    Join us at the Cincinnati Bridge Center Monday through Saturdays!


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