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    InMemoriam Dixie White
    Bridge CloseedCBC,
    Anderson BC, and NKBC events are cancelled until further notice. 

    Need more help finding partners @ CBC? Contact Mike Burns 513-574-4067 
    Please update your privacy choice on - Allow emails from the ACBL - It's the only way we can reach you. 

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    ACBL Cancels St Louis 2021 NABC
    Invite friends to Play in Your VCG

    2020 Online Event Schedule
    ACBL Cancels 2020 Tournaments
    2021 Online Event Schedule

    Jan/Feb 2021 ACBL Tournaments Cancelled
    ACBL Reopening Recommendations
    Bridge on Broadway - ACBL video
    Keep abreast with changing regulations:
    New Alert Procedures -
    eff. Jan 1, 2021
    CoC-Online Bridge-Appx O
    - eff. Aug 2020
    Convention Charts -
    eff. 12 Feb 2020

    The UNIT 124 Calendar will be blank until face-to-face bridge resumes. 
    Jan 18-24, 2021   Silver Linings Week 100% Silver, 2x Regular Club Points VACB Games
    Feb 13-14 Valentine's Weekend 2x Reg Club Pts, 1/2 Red, 1/2 Black
    Feb 15-21 Mid Winter Regional
    Feb 22-28 Education Foundation Week 2x Black Pts. Extra fee. VACB Games


    BBO- All Games BBO$5/person. SILVER POINTS
    Mon Jan-18 2:00 PM 0-50 CBA Pam Campbell
    Mon Jan-18 6:30 PM Open NKBC/And John Taylor
    Tue Jan-19 11:00 AM 0-50 CBA Pam Campbell
    Tue Jan-19 1:45 PM Open NKBC/And Cordell Coy
    Tue Jan-10 6:30 PM Open NKBC/And John Taylor
    Wed Jan-20 11:00 AM 0-1000 CBA Pam Campbell
    Wed Jan-20 6:30 PM Open NKBC/And John Taylor
    Thu Jan-21 1:30 PM Open NKBC/And Cordell Coy
    Thu Jan-21 6:30 PM 4 is Enough CBA Pam Campbell
    Fri Jan-22 1:30 PM 0-500 NKBC/And Cordell Coy
    Fri Jan-22 1:45 PM Open NKBC/And Cordell Coy

    StLouis2021The ACBL has canceled the 2021 Spring NABC scheduled for March 11-21, 2021 in St. Louis, MO.
    ACBL cancels all Tournaments through April 30, 2021. Details


    Learn more about BBO, playing online & finding your results:  Online Bridge How To's
    Play often and sign up early. Entries open 2 hours in advance of play.  Mike Burns run a live partnership desk for CBA U50/500/750 games.  If you need a partner for those games csontact:  Mike Burns        Cell / Text: (513) 926-1790
    Day Time $/p MPs Game (pairs) Results Director
    Mon 2:00 P $3 1.5x Bk U50 CBA Pam Campbell
    Mon 6:30 P Free None Open NKBC John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    Tue 1:45 P $3 1.5x Bk Open NKBC/And John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    Wed 11:00 A $3 1.5x Bk U750 CBA Pam Campbell
    Wed 6:30 P Free None IMPs NKBC John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    Thu 6:30 P $3 1.5x Bk 4 is Enough/Imps* CBA Pam Campbell
    Fri 1:30 P $3 1.5x Bk U500 NKBC/And John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    Fri 1:45 P $3 1.5x Bk Open NKBC/And John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    *4 is Enough is a limited pairs game. Eligible pairs cannot exceed 4 points. Players points are based on their current masterpoints:  0-400 MPs - 1;   401-1500 MPs - 2;  1501 MPs and Up - 3. The sum of the pair must be 4 or less. Two 1's , a 1 & a 2 or, two 2's may play together, but a 2 and a 3, or two 3's may not play together.

    NEWS Contact the CBAWELCOME to the CBA!

    Tristate BridgeFind the best option to begin your bridge journey in the Tri-State right NOW!
    Area Teachers & Classes
    NewToDuplicateLearn more about the history of the game and benefits of Playing Bridge. Find a teacher or club anywhere in the USA. ACBL Learn
    AlertNEW! ACBL Alert regulations have changed effective 1/1/2021.  Are you up to date? DirectorNEW! Conditions for online ACBL bridge defined.  Be sure to know what's legal and what's not! 

    ACBL LM PinWelcome New Members: Paul Binder, Peggy Palmer, Bob Vollmer. 
    Welcome Transfer:
    Yinghui Zeng (Unit 253)
    New Silver Life Master Terry Brausch

    Members with promotions: Tom Amrine, Taylor Assbury, Nancy Kollin, Rick Read, Susie Schwartz, Hal Bernstein, Bruce Tepper, Cathy Schreiber. Promotions updated through January 1, 2021. See Milestones - Members on the Move.

    How to Use Bridge Base Online (Sylvana Morici) How to Alert your Bids (Sylvana Morici)
    Adding BBO $'s to your account (Sylvana Morici) How to Set up your convention card (S.Morici)
    How to Bid and Play (Sylvana Morici) How to Play on BBO (Samantha McDouglas)
    Movies about Bridge Comments
    Bridge - The Ultimate Mind Game | Sunil Varghese | TEDxGLIMChennai

    2019 Video - 15 minutes Ted Talk describing the benefits of Bridge
    The Ace of Hearts - Part 1

    The Ace of Hearts - Part 2
    1989 UK Video in two parts featuring Zia Mahmood, Omar Sharif, Eric Rodwell and many stars. How many do you know?
    Master Bridge Series - Episode 1 Master Bridge Series - Master Bridge was a TV series created and produced in England. It was broadcast on Channel 4 Television in 1983. Compiled by Shirheen Mohandes. (Follow on episodes are found on the YouTube page adjacent to the episode.)
    In the Cards - The Secret World of Professional Bridge 2013 Canadian TV Video on
    Junior Experts and Professional Bridge


    BenFisk2020NAOBCU1500KOStarting at the 30th seed out of 36 teams, Ben's team won their four-way play in over Seed 29 Lieberman.  Then they dispatched the following opponents on their way to the finals:
    Round of 32:
    Rockoff (30) defeats Walsh (3) 136-42, in a match they led every quarter.
    Round of 16: Rockoff defeats Ravenscroft 163-66, in a match they led every quarter.
    Round of 8: Rockoff defeats Kayser, 104-74, in a match they led every quarter.
    Semi-finals: Rockoff defeats Niu 147-97.  Falling behind Q1 19-34, they fought back in Q2 68-53, and ran away in Q3 115-69.
    Finals: Rockoff defeats Ge in a come from behind 4th Quarter reversing a 17 IMP deficit to win by 16. Congratulations Ben! Unit 124 is very proud of your accomplishment!
    BiddingBoxNewWeekly Bidding Quiz - Here's a fun way to see what players think about different bidding situations. Members compare how they bid 6 hands each week.  Stronger players provide a rationale and discuss elements of bidding that might help Non-Life-Masters and advancing players.  See the Quiz Page

    Your Opinion CountsUNIT 124 - Online Bridge Survey Results
    Here is the topline report from the survey.  Thanks to all who provided their input.  If you are not currently playing online and are interested in trying for the first time, contact a virtual club game director

    How to fill out your System Card - WBF
    ←Here is a great source of standard shorthand for bridge terms.  These are widely used on BBO.  Check out pages 3 & 4.  The rest of the document treats expected disclosure at World Championship Tournaments.   

    Click for your electronic copy.Here is your special DOUBLE ISSUE -  September 2020 ALERT
    This issue of the ALERT will be electronic only - no print copies available. (Large File 7.5 MB and 64 pages. Use a high speed connection for best results)

    TOPLINE RESULTS Thanks to all who shared their views.  In the meantime, stay safe, be healthy, and enjoy Bridge online. 

    AJAJ Stephani, ACBL Board of Directors

    New! June 2020 Board of Directors Report
    Spring Report

    March Special Report

    LBOLLEARN BRIDGE ONLINE - Looking for virtual bridge lessons and learning opportunities?  Check online learning opportunities on the ACBL Website
    USEFUL FACTS about Covid-19:
    Practice good hygiene. (video)
    Covid 19 Transmission
    Public Rest Rooms
    CDC Recommendations     CDC Hand Hygiene
    Ohio Dept of Health News
    Ohio         Johns Hopkins        Reuters(By State)
    Covid 19 Statistics      JAMA covid-19 Articles

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    Special Game Codes & Masterpoint Awards

    Join us at the Cincinnati Bridge Center Monday through Saturdays!
    2860 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati OH 45241
    513 563 2218

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    Teach anyone to play Bridge in 5 minutes:
    Mini-Bridge  and  HOOL

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    WBF 2017 Laws Commentary  
    WBF Definition Comparable Calls

    D11 Ethics & Proprieties Handbook

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    CBC News Toronto 2017 NABC
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    Gavin Wolpert Road to Victory Louisville '11
    Steve Weinstein 2013 Blue Ribbon Pairs
    Peter Hollands Bridge Lessons
    John McAllister's Double Dummy (fee)

    The Setting Trick Series (J. McAllister)





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