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    Bridge Closed CBC, Anderson BC, and NKBC events are cancelled until further notice. 

    Ohio Public Health Covid Page
    Kentucky Public Health Updates
    Link to Cancelled D11 Tournaments
    Link to Cancelled ACBL Tournaments

    NEWS Contact the CBAWELCOME to the CBA!

    Tristate BridgeFind the best option to begin your bridge journey in the Tri-State right NOW! Try Bridge WebsiteLearn more about the history of the game and benefits of Playing Bridge. Find a teacher or club anywhere in the USA. Area Teachers & Classes

    Details - Joe Jones, Executive Director

    Andrew Chen, San Jose CA - ACBL's Youngest Life Master STORY
    TOPLINE RESULTS Thanks to all who shared their views.  In the meantime, stay safe, be healthy, and enjoy Bridge online. 
    ACBL Reopening Recommendations

    Welcome NEW MEMBERS: Bonita Buten, Douglas Edwards, Paige Grote, Douglas Jose, Julie Kelly
    Welcome Transfers:
    Kelley Keys (U136)
    NEW RUBY LIFE MASTERS: Joe Pike, John Williams
    New Silver Live Masters: Mary Alice Bartish, Stephen Vogel, Susan Wisner

    Members with promotions:
    Susan Kahn, Diane Nagy, Sallie Sumerel, James Jacobsen, Anne Kerieakes, Zigang Pan, Marianne Roedersheimer, Kathy Dewitt. Promotions are updated through July 1, 2020. See Milestones - Members on the Move for details.
    AJAJ Stephani, ACBL Board of Directors

    New! June 2020 Board of Directors Report
    Spring Report

    March Special Report


    Day Time $/p MPs Pairs Club Director
    Mon 6:30 P Free None Open NKy/And John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    Tue 11 A $5 1.5x Bk Open Cin'ti BC Isaac Stephani
    Tue 1:45 P $3 1.5x Bk Open NKy/And John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    Wed 10 A $3 1.5x Bk U750* CBA Pam Campbell
    Wed 6:30 P Free None IMPs NKy/And John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    Thu 10 A $3 1.5x Bk Open CBA Pam Campbell
    Thu 3:30 P $3 1.5x Bk U750* CBA Pam Campbell
    Fri 11A $5 1.5x Bk Open Cin'ti BC Isaac Stephani
    Fri 1:45 P $3 1.5x Bk Open NKy/And John Taylor or Cordell Coy
    *Mike Burns will run a live partnership desk for the CBA U750 games.  If you need a partner for the U750 games contact:  Mike Burns        Cell / Text: (513) 926-1790
    How to Find Games                 ACBL FAQ             ACBL Support Your Club Games

    Find CBA Games: BBO→Virtual Clubs→ACBL North America: Search “CBA”  

    Find CBC Games:   
    BBO→Virtual Clubs→ACBL North America: Search "Cincinnati".
    Find NKBC & Anderson Games:
    Mon / Wed  - BBO→Competitive→Free Tournaments: Search "NKBC"
    Tue & Fri - BBO→Virtual Clubs→ACBL North America: Search "NKBC"
    BBOHere's what to do:
    1)   Join BBO to create your account.  (To add your ACBL #, Go to “ACBL World”. At the bottom find 3 big blue buttons. Click “update your ACBL number.” Follow the instructions).
    2)   Log onto BBO. Buy BB$ to pay for your Black Point Games on BBO. No Free Plays accepted.
    3)   Register with partner 30  min. early on the day you play.

    If not registered on time, you might not be able to play.  The SYC and Virtual Club Black Point Games support our sanction holders.

    CBA BBO Best Practices                 BBO DETAILS           BBO tutorials

    What to do with all that extra time? In addition to playing on BBO, here are some worthy free bridge articles/books available for download. Hosted on BridgeWinners
    New! Competitive Bids the Scanian Way by Mats Nilsland et al.  (2020)
    Social Distancing? Here's a Digital Care Package by Nick Fahrer (Australian Bridge Federation) - 2 Books, a Magazine Issue and a Marty Bergen Lesson. 

    LBOLLEARN BRIDGE ONLINE - Looking for virtual bridge lessons and learning opportunities?  Check online learning opportunities on the ACBL Website
    USEFUL FACTS about Covid-19:
    Practice good hygiene. (video)
    Covid 19 Transmission
    Public Rest Rooms
    CDC Recommendations
    Ohio Dept of Health News
    Ohio         Johns Hopkins        Reuters(By State)
    Covid 19 Statistics      JAMA covid-19 Articles

    SwissBoardOur Swiss Team board has a new look! Our own very skilled artisan Sharon Koster designed and crafted the new banner. After weeks of her work, we were able to attach the new art. It looks great and adds a measure of distinction to the our playing area! Thank you Sharon, and know that the time and skill you gave this project is greatly appreciated. – Unit 124 Board of Directors (via Mike Burns).

    ConnectionsTry this new link to BRIDGE CONNECTIONS
    a service of the good folks at the Common Game - see all your partners, your pair strength and your Masterpoints(R) won. You need Adobe Flash to see the graphic mapping your partnerships. Firefox works well on this link. 

    Click for your electronic copy.Here is your January 2020 Alert
    (Large File 2.7 MB Use high Speed Connection for best Results)

    Zach GrossackZach  Grossack, ACBL's youngest ever Grand Life Master, on video on why everyone should play bridge - "It's the most complex game in the world and people don't know about it". Take the 2 minutes and 10 seconds to enjoy the energy and enthusiam from one of the best young players in the world. VIDEO

    Calling all Directors & Players interested in the New Laws for Duplicate Bridge.  The World Bridge Federation Laws Committee has published its official commentary on the 2017 update to the Laws of Bridge. 
    WBF 2017 Laws Commentary              WBF Definition Comparable Calls

    Make Your Zeal for Bridge Infectious - How to Spread the Fun
    Each of us are the very best recruiters for this game of ours.  Now here's a way to make showing people the fun of Bridge easy to do without taking on full scale lessons (we have wonderful teachers who can help with that).  Adults have more fun doing than listening to lectures anyway.  So do youngsters in Middle or High School, even College!  Here are two mini-games that do just that.  No bidding systems or heavy rules - just a great way to experience much of the fun bridge can be.  Mini-Bridge
    is practiced in the Americas and Europe.  HOOL
    is a modified version of Mini-Bridge that shares hand information without the burden of bidding systems.  NOW invite your friends over, have a Mini-Bridge/HOOL party, and get them loving this game enough to take lessons and think about rubber bridge then duplicate.  Baby steps! 

    Calling ALL CBA BRIDGE LIBRARY BOOKS! Time to check yourself back in.  If you know a CBA member who has a library book, please remind them to return it to the Library.  We want you back at the Bridge Center so others can have a chance to read you! 
    D11District 11 Ethics & Proprieties Handbook (FINAL) - Here is a source for discussing the ethics and proprieties of bridge with new players, teachers, club directors, sanction holders and experienced tournament veterans.
    Map Events-100 miles of Cincinnati next 90 Days (Tournaments, Clubs, Teachers, Youth Events)

    See this Bridge Video: For card loving bridge players, attracting youth is ultimate puzzle. CBC News Clip on the Toronto Tournament. View the Video Need more help finding partners CBC? Contact Joanne Earls  513-772-4395, 513-478-2033.
    CALENDAR USERS GUIDE Expand Calendar to Full Screen
    Special Game Codes & Masterpoint Awards

    Join us at the Cincinnati Bridge Center Monday through Saturdays!
    2860 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati OH 45241
    513 563 2218

    Play Bridge





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