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     CBA  2860 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati OH 45241
    CBATel: 513 563 2218 CBA email: Cincinnati BC
    Betsy Bradley

    Please update your privacy choice on www.acbl.org - Allow emails from the ACBL - It's the only way we can reach you.

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    CBA Cincinnati Bridge Association

    Tristate BridgeBegin your bridge journey in the Tri-State right NOW!
    Area Teachers & Classes
    NewToDuplicateLearn more about the history of the game and benefits of Playing Bridge. Find a teacher or club anywhere in the USA. ACBL Learn

    CBAPlay often and sign up early. Entries open 2 hours in before of play. Mike Burns runs a live partnership desk for U50/500/750 CBA games .  If you need a partner for those games contact: Mike Burns   Cell / Text: (513) 926-1790


    April Schedule Changes:
    4 is Enough Pairs 4/8, 4/22
    8 is Enough Swiss 4/15, 4/29
    Open Swiss 4/11 & 4/18
    Day Time Game Results Director
    Swiss Teams - Virtual Clubs
    3rd Thu 6:30 P 8=E** CBA Pam
    2nd Sun 1:45 P Open CBA Pam
    4th Sun 1:45 P Open NKBC/And John or Cordell
    Pairs - Virtual Clubs
    Mon 2:00 P U50 CBA Pam
    Mon 6:30 P Open NKBC John or Cordell
    Tue 1:45 P Open NKBC/And John or Cordell
    Wed 11 A U750 CBA Pam
    Wed 6:30 P IMPs NKBC John or Cordell
    Thu 6:30 P 4=E* CBA Pam
    Fri 1:30 P U500 NKBC/And John or Cordell
    Fri 1:45 P Open NKBC/And John or Cordell
    *4 is Enough (4=E) is a limited pairs game. Pairs cannot exceed 4 points. Points are based on current masterpoints:  0-400 MPs - 1;   401-1500 MPs - 2;  1501+ MPs - 3. Total pair points must be 4 or less. A 2 and a 3, or two 3's may not play together.
    **Swiss Teams limited to 8 points and 4 players per team using above scale.

    CBALearn about BBO, playing online & finding your results:  Online Bridge

    How to Use Bridge Base Online (Sylvana Morici)
    Adding BBO $'s to your account (Sylvana Morici)
    How to Bid and Play (Sylvana Morici)
    How to Alert your Bids (Sylvana Morici)
    How to Set up your convention card (S.Morici)
    How to Play on BBO (Samantha McDouglas)

    CBANeed more help finding partners @ CBC? Contact Mike Burns  rmikeburnsi@gmail.com 513-574-4067
    For details see Partnerships

    CBAThe UNIT 124 Calendar will be blank until face-to-face bridge resumes.
    CALENDAR USERS GUIDE Expand Calendar to Full Screen
    Special Game Codes & Masterpoint Awards

    Name Tag
    CBA Name Tag?
    Contact Joanne Earls
    (513) 772-4395
    1st Tag Free to Newcomers!
    Replacements $4 each


    Teach anyone to play Bridge in 5 minutes:
    Mini-Bridge  and  HOOL

    Check out your BRIDGE CONNECTIONS

    WBF 2017 Laws Commentary  
    WBF Definition Comparable Calls

    D11 Ethics & Proprieties Handbook


    Apr 12-18  Charity Week Extra Masterpoints in Virtual Club Games

    Apr 22-25 Stay@Home, Play@Home Regional Tournament FLYER
      May 15-16 Grass Roots Weekend - Extra Masterpoints for $1 more
       CBA Virtual Club Schedule Changes - See Game Schedule on the left

    NEWS Contact Us EmailWELCOME to Unit 124!

    scam alertSeveral members of CBA have received emails supposedly from Potter Orr asking them to send money.  These are all FAKE.  The scammers scan websites to harvest emails of the president of the organization and any other members.  Then they send these requests.  If you look closely at the email, although the from says Potter Orr, the from email address itself is not mine.  It is something like:      president???@gmail.com
    I have not been hacked and there is no cure, just laugh and delete.  Potter - 4/13/21
    Dealing with Scam Emails (ACBL)

    CBCATTENTION: SPACE AVAILABLE! Posted 4 March 2021We Want You
    There are 4 openings for game directors/club owners at the Cincinnati Bridge Center. We have this space available for rent:
    Monday Evenings    Tuesday Mornings    Wednesday Mornings    Friday Mornings
    If you've been interested in owning or directing a game at the Cincinnati Bridge Center, now's the time! These are all single sessions game spaces. You must be a member in good standing to own a sanction, and a certified ACBL Club Director to direct a club game at the CBC. Please contact Pam Campbell campbell.ps.54@gmail.com with interest on or before June 30, 2020. Club owners, and not the Unit 124 Board, will decide when to reopen face-to-face play. Conditions must meet applicable health regulations in force at the time.
    ACBL LM PinWelcome New Members: Howard Schwartz, Ron Tysoe
     Welcome Transfers:
    Philip Bogan (U136 Miami Valley)
    New Ruby Life Master
    Stephen Vogel
    New Bronze Life Master Sara Geier
    CONGRATULATIONS! Members with promotions:
    Laura Gerberick, Barbara Gloeckner, Mary Goodwin, Paige Grote, Julie Kelley, Trish Larsen, Thomas Sextro, Sissy Stearns, Marsha Weston, Gretchen Dinerman, Mary Merryman, Agnes Boswell. Promotions updated through April 1, 2021. See Milestones - Members on the Move.

    teamsOpen Swiss Teams - Sundays April 11 and 18 -  1:45 PM Virtual Clubs
    How to register.
    If you need a pair to complete your team, you can still register.  If you have a foursome, the first two players register as a pair.  The second pair registers. There is an option to pick their teammates. If you need help finding partners, contact Pam Campbell or Mike Burns.   If you have any questions about this Swiss Team game, contact Pam Campbell  or Cordell Coy.

    teams8 is Enough Online Swiss Teams - Thursday April 15 and 29 - 6:30 PM. Virtual Clubs  How to register. Need help finding partners? Contact Pam Campbell or Mike Burns.

    D11D11 GNT 2021 FINALS Registered TeamsFLYER and the D11 GNT FAQ
    D11 Home Page

    NLM Newsletter
    NLM Newsletter Unit 124 reintroduces a bi-weekly Newsletter to better serve the bridge interests of our Non-Life Master Members.           CBA Newsletter Library

    SharkBridgeShark Bridge Teachers Console
    is the platform of choice for many successful Online Bridge teachers. Cost is modest and the technology creates a very enjoyable experience for students.  Demo Videos

    AlertNEW! ACBL Alert regulations effective 1/1/2021.   Be up to date. DirectorNEW! Conditions for online ACBL bridge.  Be sure to know what's legal and what's not! 

    Here is your  -  January 2021 ALERT This issue of the ALERT will be electronic only - no print copies available. (Large File 2.5 MB and 34 pages. Use a high speed connection for best results).

    BiddingBoxWeekly Bidding Quiz - Here's a fun way to think about different bidding situations. Members compare how they bid 6 hands each week.  For Non-Life-Masters and advancing players.  See the Quiz Page.

    Your Opinion CountsUNIT 124 - Online Bridge Survey Results Here is the topline report from the survey.  Thanks to all who provided their input.  If you are not currently playing online and are interested in trying for the first time, contact a virtual club game director

    How to fill out your System Card - WBF
    ←Here is a great source of standard shorthand for bridge terms.  These are widely used on BBO.  Check out pages 3 & 4.  The rest of the document treats expected disclosure at World Championship Tournaments.   

    Thanks to all who shared their views.  In the meantime, stay safe, be healthy, and enjoy Bridge online. 

    AJAJ Stephani, ACBL Board of Directors
    New! June 2020 Board of Directors Report
    Spring Report

    March Special Report

    Looking for virtual bridge lessons and learning opportunities?  Check online learning opportunities on the ACBL Website
    USEFUL FACTS about Covid-19:
    Practice good hygiene. (video)
    Covid 19 Transmission
    Public Rest Rooms
    CDC Recommendations     CDC Hand Hygiene
    Ohio Dept of Health News
    Ohio         Johns Hopkins        Reuters(By State)
    Covid 19 Statistics      JAMA covid-19 Articles

    Join us at the Cincinnati Bridge Center Monday through Saturdays!span>
    2860 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati OH 45241
    513 563 2218  cincybridge124@gmail.com

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